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B16 0QZ Birmingham
United Kingdom

Sorion Electronics provides engineering services to the automotive, manufacturing and aerospace industries designing, building and supplying bespoke and ‘off the shelf’ guided assembly process control and electro-mechanical test equipment.

The company offers a comprehensive range of services and products from developing initial concepts through to fully engineered solutions. They work closely with their customers to develop robust and reliable solutions that are able to meet exacting requirements.

Sorion Electronics can provide solutions for:
- Assembly Line Process Control and Operator Guidance
- Test & Inspection and Quality Traceability & Reporting
- Ruggedised Test Connectors
- Electrical Assembly Aids with CAN & LIN capability

Their equipment is used in the production of billions of dollars worth of vehicles every month.

Come and see the Sorion team on stand CM14 to talk about the latest process control and electrical test technologies to help UK manufacturers to boost productivity in an increasingly digital manufacturing landscape.

We are looking forward to demonstrating how manufacturing businesses can maximise the potential of shop floor guided assembly, end-of-line electrical testing and how they can fully utilise build data to remain competitive in the world of connected manufacturing and smart factories.


Product news

  • Pioneering Technology Demonstrated at Company Open Day

    Sorion Electronics, a Birmingham based electronic engineering company, offered a rare and insightful chance for businesses within the automotive and manufacturing sectors to take a look behind the scenes at the very latest in cutting edge “Industry 4.0” process control and electrical test technologies.

    Sorion design, engineer and manufacture some of the most advanced electrical test and assembly process control solutions for the automotive and manufacturing industries and customers include Antolin Interiors, Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, DAF, Denso, Dyson, Honda, Inter Automotive, Jaguar, Johnson Controls, KAB Seating, Lamborghini, Lear, Land Rover, Nissan, Prodrive, Rolls-Royce, Toyota and ZF-TRW.

    The technology open day included a series of seminars which demonstrated how manufacturing businesses can maximise the potential of shop floor process control, electrical testing and how they can fully utilise build data to maximise efficiencies. There were also technical demonstrations which gave attendees the opportunity to discover the very latest developments in Sorion’s control, traceability and reporting software as well as their bespoke test equipment.

    Commercial Director, Steve Hayes, commented: “Sorion has been a pioneer in engineering the automation and exchange of data in manufacturing technologies through utilising, what is now commonly known as, Industry 4.0. Technology. The open day provided an opportunity for visitors to gain valuable insight into Industry 4.0 as well as enabling them to see first hand how our software is developed and how our equipment is designed, engineered and manufactured. Visitors also met with our employees and saw first hand the results of our recent investment in our new design office and manufacturing facility.”

    The technology open day had over 50 people attend and was held on 15th September 2016 at Sorion Electronics’ premises in the Magreal Industrial Estate, Freeth Street, Ladywood, Birmingham, B16 0QZ.


  • Case study - Sorion end of line test stations at IAC’s new cockpit manufacturing facility at Halewood

    We are proud to be working with IAC to improve product quality and traceability. The project involved designing, building and installing 2 online electrical test stations and 1 offline rework station for IAC’s new cockpit manufacturing facility at Halewood, Liverpool.

    IAC Halewood features an extremely flexible cockpit just-in-time (JIT) assembly line for several vehicle models, substituting a fixed carousel with 42 Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). The AGVs enable mass customisation and can assemble up to 4 million variants on one production line that can be easily reconfigured by re-taping magnetic guidance stripes on the shop floor.

    The primary requirement for the electrical test stations is to test the cockpits for connectivity and part number traceability in order to detect any connections which have been missed during the assembly process.

    After a thorough requirements capture exercise Sorion designed a system based on their established electrical test technologies, with proven reliability in hundreds of installations within the automotive industry around the world.

    The equipment was designed to allow maintenance, upgrade and modifications to be easily obtainable and comes with excellent support packages.

    IAC required the solution to be fully integrated with other plant-wide systems and fixtures. The installed systems had to be robust and reliable to allow for 24/7 operation testing 45 cockpits per hour.

    Collection and storage of detailed test result information was also part of the brief.


  • Sorion launches the SEL0092 battery pack voltage regulator

    Sorion Electronics has developed the SEL0092 voltage regulator to enable equipment designed for use on a 12V automotive supply to be powered from the range of Bosch Coolpack tool batteries.

    The device is an ideal solution for those who want to utilise the exceptional performance of Bosch Coolpack batteries to power demanding portable applications for industrial, automotive and consumer use (automotive power aids, test equipment, etc.).
    The compact unit is designed to be easy to mount and operate and supports both 14.4V and 18V batteries across the range of capacities.
    The durable black anodised aluminium slide connector is one of the key features of the SEL0092, which doubles as a heatsink for the regulator electronics. The device has two discrete 13.5V regulated outputs: a Primary regulator (adjustable up to 15 Amps) and a Secondary regulator (0.5 Amps).

    - Automatic 14.4V and 18V operation with shutdown on battery exhaustion to avoid deep discharge
    - PCB mounted power good and fault status LEDs
    - 8 way control connector for the enable, power good, current mimic and secondary output signals
    - Battery input internally fused for safety

    Pricing and Availability
    Information about Pricing and availability info via email: sales@sorion.co.uk

    About Sorion
    Sorion has over 28 years of experience in implementing process control and electrical test technologies in production environments. Pioneers in the field of Industry 4.0, Sorion’s end-to-end assembly, test and reporting solutions are helping manufacturers across the globe to improve efficiencies, reduce errors and remain competitive in the world of smart factories.


  • Sorion joins the CEE Automotive Supply Chain event

    Sorion Electronics will be exhibiting at the CEE Automotive Supply Chain event between 23 – 24 October 2018 in Šamorín, Slovakia.
    The event is set to bring together over 300 professionals from the automotive industry across Europe for two days of seminars, networking and B2B meetings.

    Key topics for the 2018 edition: Automotive industry and supply chain in CEE, Future requirements on suppliers, Quality, Logistics, Primary production parts sales.

    Sorion Electronics is looking forward to being part of this event and strengthen their position in the region.

    For more information please visit www.casc.sk


  • Error-proofing with Pick-to-Light

    Sorion Electronics is set to showcase their Pick-to-Light system at Advanced Engineering at the NEC, Birmingham between 31 October - 1 November 2018.

    Reliable and flexible, Pick-to-Light is an effective error proofing solution designed to maximise quality and prevent mistakes in manual parts picking, kitting and assembly tasks. It utilises light-directed picking modules to guide operators to the correct parts, quantities and pick sequences with significantly higher levels of accuracy than paper-based picking methods.
    Pick-to-Light allows for integration with guided assembly systems and assembly jigs to help improve production efficiency through a system of visual and intuitive work, ensuring the quality and traceability of assembly operations. Another key benefit of the system is its flexibility to adapt to constant changes in production systems.

    Visitors to Advanced Engineering will be able to see a demonstration of the system. The Sorion team will also be on hand to share insights from their experience in designing and building electrical test and guided assembly systems for major OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers around the globe.


  • Looking back at our Technology Open Day – 28 September 2017

    The best way to discover everything we have to offer is a personal visit, but we know that not everyone can make it. If you missed our Open Day on 28 September, here’s a summary.

    Sorion Electronics once again opened its doors and welcomed clients, partners and industry guests to a Technology Open Day on Thursday 28th September, giving attendees the opportunity to get ‘up close and personal’ with Sorion’s latest developments.

    Thanks to our customers and staff for taking part in another great Open Day – we’ll see you next time!

    Alongside short technical presentations of our latest software and hardware updates, visitors saw some of Sorion’s products in action, with live demonstrations given throughout the day. The Sorion team were also on hand to give customers a tour of the facilities and exchange Industry 4.0 knowledge, ideas and technologies.

    The day was opened by Managing Director Phil Yates who gave an update on the latest improvements within the company.

    Nick Hartt (Systems Director) showcased some of the latest features of Sextans and Orion and shared plans for future developments.

    Following that there was a highly interactive demonstration by Tyler Innes (Software Manager) of Sextans-RT build process.

    Steve Hayes, Commercial Director showcased the latest hardware available from Sorion and gave an update on the company’s electronics design and development operation.

    The presentations were followed by a lively Q&A session during which attendees had the chance to ask questions and share ideas and insights with the Sorion team.

    Steve Hayes, Commercial Director said: “The past year has been particularly exciting for us and it was great to have the opportunity to share the latest advancements and exchange ideas with our clients. I was delighted with the level of engagement throughout the day, with our guests sharing their invaluable experience and feedback that inspire us to further develop our products.”


  • Join Sorion at Connected Manufacturing on 1-2 November at the NEC

    We’re delighted to be exhibiting in the new Connected Manufacturing Zone at Advanced Engineering 2017, a dedicated new arena to exchange Industry 4.0 knowledge, ideas and technologies.

    Sorion Electronics to showcase some of the most advanced electrical test and assembly process control solutions

    Come and see the Sorion team on stand CM14 to talk about the latest process control and electrical test technologies to help UK manufacturers to boost productivity in an increasingly digital manufacturing landscape.

    We are looking forward to demonstrating how manufacturing businesses can maximise the potential of shop floor guided assembly, end-of-line electrical testing and how they can fully utilise build data to remain competitive in the world of connected manufacturing and smart factories.

    You can register to visit us at Advanced Engineering here.


  • Sorion at Advanced Engineering 2019

    Sorion’s Smart Manufacturing solutions continue to grow and evolve, with new products continually being added to their portfolio.

    Visitors at Advanced Engineering will be able to see a demonstration of Sorion’s process control and traceability solution using live data from a range of integrated devices, such as Pick to Light, DC tools, vision systems.

    At the heart of the system is Sorion’ Sextans process control application. Designed for use in the production environment, Sextans helps improve production efficiency through a system of visual and intuitive work, ensuring the quality and traceability of finished products. The PC based system can be scaled from a standalone station to a factory-wide solution.

    Sextans automatically verifies the quality of each step in the production process so defective parts are not passed on to the next stage.
    Data for each completed step (such as shift, time, build no, component serial numbers, measured values and visual inspection data) is recorded in the Orion™ database. This data is identified against a unique ID, allowing to retrieve each unit’s complete history with a scan of a barcode.

    Once in the Orion™ database, this data is turned into actionable insights as the basis for continuous improvement.

    New products for 2019
    A new product introduced at Advanced Engineering is Orion-EMA (Equipment Monitoring and Availability) which enables direct equipment monitoring and performance management.
    Also, the team is currently developing a control application for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).

    Visit the Sorion team on stand C29 at Advanced Engineering to find out more.


  • Sorion is developing a control application for Autonomous Mobile Robots

    Following our strategy of continuous product development, Sorion engineers are developing Fleetware, an application to be used for the overall control of a fleet of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) in a manufacturing environment.

    AMRs (also known as AIVs, Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles) can independently navigate in a dynamic environment using data from cameras and built-in sensors and laser scanners as well as sophisticated software to avoid obstacles, using the best route to target.

    The role of Fleetware

    When multiple AMRs operate within an area, they require a robust management system for monitoring the fleet and interfacing with shop floor processes.

    Fleetware performs this critical function of fleet management, coordinating up to 100 robots simultaneously to enable large-scale deployments for manufacturing applications.

    Check back soon for more information on this project.


  • End of line test systems for automotive seats

    The growing complexity and functional diversity of automotive seats coupled with challenging quality targets requires a highly flexible and adaptable test solution.

    Sorion Electronics has been delivering test systems to the automotive industry for over 28 years and since then has gained the trust of international OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

    Some of the advanced features we offer include:
    - 3D vision system seat measurement for automatic verification of pneumatic system operation
    - Support for the latest vehicle communication and infotainment interfaces
    - FFT sound analysis to evaluate noise
    - Palletised harnessing allowing automatic seat to test system connection
    - Discrete motor control with feedback for seat sub-assembly testing
    - Fully integrated force application machines (FAMs) for calibration and verification of a range of Occupancy Classification and detection system

    Sorion’s test systems are powered by Sextans-RT, which controls the test run, data acquisition and result management.

    The overall test system is managed centrally, using Sextans Editor to configure the test stations and user access rights, creation of workflows, data tables and scripts.

    All results are stored in the Orion database, allowing for quality assurance and performance reports to be produced.

    Orion EMA provides centralised equipment monitoring, availability and event tracking including Andon display and web based reporting of production line performance

    We provide engineering skills assisting our customers in developing both the product for assembly and testing as well as using our experience to assist in the design of the assembly and testing lines

    Built on Sorion’s established software and compact hardware products, all test systems are adapted to individual customer requirements, resulting in a reliable and efficient solution.



    Our office space is expanding and so is our team!

    These past few years have drawn a lot of success for Sorion. With our client base continuously growing in the global marketplace, we have decided to invest in a fourth unit right next to where we’re currently based on Magreal Industrial Estate, increasing our workspace to a total of 12,000 ft2.

    As part of our strategic growth and recruitment plan, the new facility will allow us to expand our core teams and increase our capabilities to better support existing customers like Dyson, Lear, Grupo Antolin while pursuing new business.

    The new facility provides an improved, state-of-the-art work space to support further development of our end of line test and process control solutions. We will also use the additional space to allow for the ongoing upskilling and development of all staff.

  • Case study - Electronic design of a microcontroller based pump controller

    SmartWater’s forensic spray system is an anti-intruder device that can be integrated with alarm systems to protect points of entry and high value areas.

    Sorion were approached to design a product that will monitor the alarm output from a generic intruder alarm panel and to provide a timed discharge of SmartWater if the alarm triggers and the presence of an intruder is detected in the spray area.

    The main objective was to replace SmartWater’s existing discrete solution with a microcontroller based pump controller that is easy to use and offers durability. Reducing the overall unit cost was also part of the brief.

    The product development was undertaken in line with Sorion’s standard design process, consisting of the following discrete phases with defined deliverables: customer requirements capture, specification, hardware design, prototyping, software design, coding and validation testing.

    The controller was designed to be simple and intuitive for the user while allowing for maximum flexibility with future enhancements in mind.

    We are proud to have played a part in the project, helping SmartWater to quickly and cost effectively bring the new feature to market for their already successful SmartWater spray system.