NEW: Medical Device Engineering

The UK's largest annual exhibition and conference for advanced manufacturers & supply chain professionals

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Introducing for 2019: Medical Device Engineering


Dedicated to the technology inherent within high performance medical device design and manufacturing, Medical Device Engineering is the new national event to launch on the Advanced Engineering floor.

OEMs, suppliers and research partners spanning the UK’s burgeoning Med Tech sector and beyond will come together from device manufacturers, R&D facilities, medical parts and components manufacturers, software specialists, sub-contractors and others providing engineering services into the Med Tech sector.  

Medical stats

Who should exhibit:

•    Adhesives
•    Cleanroom equipment & materials
•    Clinical Trial Equipment
•    Contract Manufacturing
•    Design, including: Design Engineering; Test & Evaluation; Rapid Prototyping, and Ergonomic Design
•    Digital Healthcare Products & Services
•    Electronics, Electronic Components, Power Supply
•    Embedded Systems, Software & Technologies
•    Environmental Control solutions
•    Filtration & fluidics
•    Logistics and supply chain services
•    Manufacturing & Processing:
e.g: Machining; Automation; Additive Manufacturing; Micromachining; Assembly; Tooling
•    Measurement, Testing, Validation, Metrology
•    Materials (all advanced materials), Components, (also including Orthopaedics)
•    Motors and Motion Control
•    Moulding, and Micromoulding Services and Technologies
•    Imaging and Optical Technologies
•    Packaging Materials and Products
•    Printing and Labelling
•    Pumps & Valves
•    Quality Management/Assurance/Compliance
•    Research & Development
•    Sensors & Sensing Technology
•    Software Design and Development
•    Sterilization Equipment and Services
•    Surface Treatment and Coatings
•    Traceability, Monitoring and Marking
•    Tubing & Extrusion
•    Wireless Technologies

Who visits:

Manufacturers of devices, systems and technologies in:
•    Anaesthetic and respiratory technology
•    Assistive Technology
•    Cardiovascular and vascular devices
•    Dental and maxillofacial technology
•    Digital Health
•    Drug Delivery
•    Education and Training
•    Hospital hardware including ambulatory
•    Implantable devices
•    In vitro diagnostic technology
•    Infection Control
•    Medical Imaging/Ultrasound/and Materials
•    Mobility Access
•    Neurology
•    Opthalmic Devices/Equipment
•    Orthopaedic Devices (Prosthetics)
•    Radiotherapy equipment
•    Re-usable diagnostic or analytic equipment
•    Single use technology (e.g. syringes)
•    Surgical Instruments (reusable)
•    Wound care and Management

•    Medical R & D Facilities/Clinical Research Labs (academic and private)
•    Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (packaging, Drug Delivery systems, automation & manufacturing technologies, digital health)
•    Medical parts and components manufacturers, specialist sub contractors providing engineering services into the sector
•    Specialist sub contractors providing engineering services

Supporters include:



Medical supporters