Innovation zone

Visit our Innovation zone on the show floor

Visit our Innovation zone to see the latest technologies from our exhibitors in one area - location K4

This year we are delighted to showcase some of our exhibitors’ most innovative products and technologies in the Innovation zone, in addition to their regular stand. Come and see, touch and discuss these potential applications over the two days.

Confirmed exhibitors and exhibits in this Innovation zone include:


- Systems for Metallic 3D Printing

TECHNICAL DETAILS: Systems for wire and arc additive manufacturing (WAAN); equipped with our proven plasma welding technology for high quality results. The material deposition (=layer) is achieved by a plasma arc for melting the ground material.

Ascent Aerospace

- HyVarC Hybrid Invar/Composite Layup Molds

Ascent’s latest advance combines the advantageous characteristics of Invar® and composite tools into a patent-pending hybrid tool – HyVarC®. HyVarC specialty tooling combines a thin Invar backup structure and facesheet with a bonded, high-temperature.

Atlas Copco

- Low Reaction Tooling

Take care of quality tightening – while taking good care of the operator. Low Reaction Tools eliminate most of the reaction force, greatly improving operator comfort and delivering high-speed tightening.

Bruker France

- Contour LS-K

High-Speed Metrology without compromise. Bruker’s new Contour LS-K 3D Optical Profiler utilizes LightSpeed™ focus variation technology to uniquely enable both high-resolution images and quantifiable data.

Desoutter Tools

- PivotWare- Advanced Process Control System

A comprehensive process control platform that guides operators through a specific set of assembly tasks as part of an automated process through an industrial internet of thing strategy. A graphic and textual display shows them exactly what tools to use, what components to apply and where to fix them. The system verifies that each step has been completed correctly before allowing the operator to move to the next stage. The platform is programmable by the customer using software tools provided, so responsiveness to changes in production requirements is unhampered by any need for specialist intervention.


- FDR - Flow Drilling Riveting From GESIPA

The newly developed process is designed for highly automated processes. Combine the advantages of blind riveting and low forming processes. Self-piercing riveting marks a revolution in mechanical joining technology. The specially designed rivet head, rotation and joining force enable the new blind rivet to pierce light metals as well as plastics.

IPG Photonics (UK) Ltd

- IPG Photonics’ Multi-axis Workcell

IPG’s Multi-axis Laser Workcell is a highly cost-efficient tool for cutting, drilling and welding a wide range of metal components, enclosures and fabrications. Configurable with our high efficiency CW lasers or our high peak power QCW lasers, the Multi-axis workcell
provides fast processing of even highly reflective materials.

Nikon Metrology UK LTD

- ModelMaker H120 - Ultra-fast high-definition 3D scanning

More than two decades since the inception of the ModelMaker product line, the cutting-edge ModelMaker H120 firmly pushes the ever-exacting boundaries of handheld laser scanning.  Incorporating blue laser technology, ultra-fast frame rate, specially developed Nikon optics and the ability to measure the most challenging materials this represents the next generation of portable laser scanning. The H120 makes no compromises in addressing the market needs by efficiently delivering the most detailed and accurate data in a fraction of the time of competing technologies.

Pryor Marking Technology

- Pryor On-the-Fly High-Speed Laser Marker

The latest system from Pryor enables permanent laser marking and verification of components on a high speed conveyor, in as little as 0.5 seconds. Parts are laser marked while still moving on a conveyer or feed system past the marking station. Camera verification can be used to ensure the laser mark, such as a Data Matrix code (DMC) meets industrial standards. The Pryor software used to achieve this high speed ‘On-the-Fly’ marking can automatically adjust the marking position on the component relative to the current speed of the production line, resulting in a mark quality identical to a stationary mark. Component marking without stopping the production line flow has a huge impact on cycle time; maintaining critical cycle times is a massive advantage to customers.

RV Magnetics

- The smallest passive sensor of physical quantities in the world

The smallest passive sensor of physical quantities based on micro-wires. Contactless measurement of physical quantities (temperature, mechanical stress, torsion, pull, position, magnetic field and more), uses one interface. Sensors can be mixed in many materials and used in many areas: Internet of Things, Structural Health Monitoring, Constructions, Biomedical Applications.


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