Nuclear and Open Engineering Forum


Conference Program - The Nuclear and Open Engineering Forum

The Nuclear and Open Engineering Forum, combines sessions from leading speakers within the nuclear sector and the UK sub-contracting manufacturing sector, with a half day take over from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.


DAY 1 - Wednesday 31 October 2018

Technology advancements for nuclear

10:00 - 10:15



10:15 - 10:30



10:30 - 10:45


 An adapted electrochemical noise technique for in-situ corrosion monitoring of spent nuclear fuels within aqueous storage environments

Ronald Clark, Corrosion Scientist, National Nuclear Laboratory


 Materials challenges facing the AGR reactor fleet

Sarah Bagnall, Consultancy Manager, R-Tech Materials


Advanced processing for the nuclear industry

Professor Chris Dungey, Director of the Joining 4.0 Innovation Centre, The Welding Institute (TWI)

Building a nuclear future

10.45 - 11.00



11:00 - 11:15



11:15 - 11:30


IOT monitoring for concrete structures

Betty Bonnardel, CEO & Founder, AB5 Consulting


Testing of reinforcing and prestressing steels for nuclear construction projects

Doctor Tony Franks, Director, R-Tech Materials


Joint Q&A




11:30 - 12:00


How space technology can help the nuclear industry

Dr. Stefan Gustafsson, Business Incubation Officer, European Space Agency


12:00 - 12:30


Delivering Wylfa Newydd: supply chain

Ivor Sheppard, Commercial Director, Horizon Nuclear Power & Ron Surrock, Construction Manager, Bechtel Corporation

Focus on apprentices

12:30 - 13:00


The value of the systems engineering masters apprenticeship at Cranfield University

Dr Tim Ferris, Cranfield University

Special IMechE Session : Novel and Future Aerospace Composite Materials

13:00 - 13:25



13:25 - 13:50



13:50 - 14:15



14:15 - 14:40



14:40 - 15:05



15:05 - 16:30



Modernising standards for a changing world

Katerina Busuttil, Standards Publishing Manager, BSI


Enabling high-rate aerospace composite manufacture

Peter Giddings, Technology Integrator, NCCUK


Nanomaterials for hierarchical composites

Martin Kemp, Nanomaterials Specialist, Versarien plc and Chairman IOM3 Nanomaterials Committee


Panel discussion with the speakers



DAY 2 - Thursday 1 November 2018

Business essentials for engineers

10:00 - 10:15




10:15 - 10:30



10:30 - 10:45



10:45 - 11:00


 The common misconceptions with R&D tax credits in engineering

Shenal Wijetunge, Senior Business Development Manager, GovGrant


 Patent myths debunked

Dr Nick Palmer, Patent Attorney, Forresters


Communicating and marketing your engineering capability

Billy McKenna, Director, Aro PR and Marketing


Joint Q&A



Business support for engineers

11:00 - 11:15



11:15 - 11:30



11:30 - 11:45



11:45 - 12:00

 Support and funding available for manufacturing SMEs adopting digital manufacturing technologies

Ben Peace, Head of Manufacturing, Knowledge Transfer Network


How to be in the 5%: surviving (and thriving) as an SME

John Lowndes, Sales & Marketing Director, MPA Group


Solving the productivity puzzle

Robin Jaques, Finance Director, S A Partners


Joint Q&A



Skills and training for engineers

12:00 - 12:10



12:10 - 12:20



12:20 - 12:30



12:30 - 12:40



12:40 - 13:00

Saving the engineering world from dull digital engineering

Peter Hoey, Director for Training and Development, Addison Academy


Digital learning: making learning exciting in the engineering sector

Thomas Gagen, Strategic Creative Director & Product Developer, Addison Project


Apprenticeships for advanced manufacturing – use or lose your levy

Stephen Crawley, Chief Operating Officer, Skills Training UK


How to create an engaged workforce

Dolores Sanders, Strategic Director, Total Control Pro


Joint Q&A




 13:00 - 13:30


Richard Bridgman OBE, Chairman, Warren Services

Driving innovation

 13:30 - 14:00


Tomorrow's world, today: overcoming barriers to innovation

Mike Price, Director, MPA Group

The future

 14:00 - 15:00


Investigating how industries can engage with universities to access research, strategic technologies and talented people that drive them forward

Chris Keely, Senior Business Development Manager, Trinity Research and Innovation, Trinity College Dublin