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The show has around 600 exhibitors all ready to showcase their latest products and services. With this many options all under one roof you are sure to find the product/service you are looking for. It's now time to think about updating the hardware in your business, maybe you need to increase efficiency in your production line, maybe parts need replacing or maybe you just fancy buying something shiny and new!

GapGun Countersink provides a fast, effective, and repeatable solution for inspecting countersunk holes, which provides significant benefits over traditional mechanical gauges. Our brand new solution allows early detection of quality issues, saves time and resources and reduces rework and concessions.

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Technifast provide a varied range of inserts, which are frequently categorised by the method of insertion. Our portfolio includes self-tapping inserts, which are a universal type of insert with a high resistance to pull-out, making them ideal for use in plastics, wood and non-ferrous metals. We also provide ultrasonic or heat inserts, which are only for use in thermoplastic materials and are stocked in brass.

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SAMBA - automated 3D fiber lay-up system

The Fiber Patch Placement system SAMBA manufactures your fiber laminates with challenging 3D geometries and complex fiber architectures.

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Rösler "plug and play" RMO trough machine, compact, mobile and versatile for finishing both plastic and metal parts including AM/3D Printed. The machine is offered complete with noise insulation and integrated long life water/compound supply of 18 litres. The trough can easily be divided for the contact-free treatment of sensitive components.

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A new Distributed Optical Fibre Vibration Sensor (DVS). This innovative sensing technology is capable of fully quantifying the location, frequency, amplitude, and phase of any dynamic event, at one metre intervals over tens of kilometres of sensing fibre. This is the equivalent of monitoring tens of thousands of very sensitive strain gauges with high accuracy.

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Pryor’s Data Capture, an industry leading marking and traceability software package, can be fully customised and networked allowing components and assemblies in a production process to be tracked and logged in a global database. Pryor traceability software enables users to track individual components in huge assemblies making recall actions and tracking of quality escapes quick, efficient and cost-effective.

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Arrow is a real-time reporting system that is used to record inspection data, work instructions and all job-related information. Arrow doesn’t just have the ability to scan/record data to a particular job, but it has a handy reporting function too, where we can look at defects on a much larger scale and calculate them by PPM (Parts Per Million) this gives us a great way to record defects in a trend & target fashion. We also have the ability to add a Clock In/Clock out function to arrow, enabling us to keep on track of attendance and manage it efficiently, in an automated way.

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Our Electrochemical marking units offer permanent, high resolution black “oxide” or below surface “etch” part marking on conductive metal surfaces for identification and traceability of metal components.
• Laser quality high contrast marks on many metals at a fraction of the cost
• Marking speeds of 0.25secs – 4 secs for most sized marks, large or small
• Programmable marking units enable programs and settings to be created and stored


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Mechanical and technical labelling is not always square and not always one or two colours. The R1 is a desk top system that can print in multiple colours and cut any shape in minutes and in any number of quantities. This allows users to create one-off labels or multiple labels, in multicolour and in any shape in one process.

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R-TECH Materials provides a comprehensive testing, analysis and consultancy service on all types of engineering materials. R-TECH Materials is the brand for two seperate trading companies; R-TECH Services is a UKAS accredited testing and analysis business, R-TECH Consultants specialises in laboratory-based materials investigations along with plant integrity work. Together the businesses provide a comprehensive service for a wide range of materials, applications and industries.

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Sorion Electronics launches the SEL0092 battery pack voltage regulator

Sorion Electronics has developed the SEL0092 voltage regulator to enable equipment designed for use on a 12V automotive supply to be powered from the range of Bosch Coolpack tool batteries.


The device is an ideal solution for those who want to utilise the exceptional performance of Bosch Coolpack batteries to power demanding portable applications for industrial, automotive and consumer use (automotive power aids, test equipment, etc.).


The compact unit is designed to be easy to mount and operate and supports both 14.4V and 18V batteries across the range of capacities.


Pricing and Availability
Information about Pricing and availability info via email: sales@sorion.co.uk


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The RFP 1 kW Induction Heating System, also known as “The Cube”, has a dramatically reduced cabinet size compared to alternative products. The system’s advantages include high electrical efficiencies and ease of operation. These high electrical efficiencies are achieved by the use of an Integral Central Management System that monitors and controls all operating parameters linked with a unique compact Remote Work Head Assembly. The system is supplied with proven RFP Software, which allows the operator to programme power level settings and time durations for precision control.

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New for 2018 the ATOS 5 and ATOS 5X are the latest high-speed systems of the ATOS family. The robust sensors are fast and precise following the introduction of new features and developments.  The Blue Light Equalizer has been especially developed for the light source in the ATOS 5 to make the systems independent of ambient light conditions.  The ATOS 5X takes this a step further with the introduction of a laser light compressor to generate ultra-bright light for the scanning process. 

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The SAERTEX LEO® COATED FABRIC has the highest level of fire resistance integrated in the fabric and meets the most demanding fire protection requirements for Rail transportation, the Marine sector and the Construction industry. This permits the material to be manufactured in a single production process using vacuum infusion. In case of a fire, the protective layer starts to pyrolyse and forms a heat insulation layer that protects the laminate. LEO® COATED FABRIC is available in different weight classes based on glass and carbon fabrics.

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Designed to meet the diverse needs of both R&D laboratories and quality assurance environments, this new generation of universal testing machines offers enhanced performance and excellent value for money. On show will be the OmniTest 5 kN single-column UTM and a dual-column OmniTest 25 kN benchtop system, designed for testing larger, higher strength samples. 

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The newly developed µCMM is the only purely optical micro-coordinate 3D measuring system available and provides high levels of accuracy not available on multi-sensor machines. Users benefit from all the advantages of tactile coordinate measuring technology with optical surface measurement to measure dimensions, position, shape and surface finish of components with just the one optical sensor.

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The Esko X20 kit cutting machine - working area 1680mm wide x 1270mm in length, fully conveyorised bed allows for production off the roll so unlimited length parts can be produced. Complete with powerful nesting software to ensure that your material is utilised to the maximum potential. The X20 is an affordable, compact unit with unlimited upgradability.

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Since 1988 CGTech's software product VERICUT has been considered the industry standard when it comes to simulation, verification and optimisation of CNC machines. It detects collisions and near-misses between all machine tool components such as axis slides, heads, turrets, rotary tables, spindles, tool changers, fixtures, workpieces, cutting tools, and other user-defined objects. Only the production simulation of the NC data, i.e. the machine code, offers companies sufficient security for their machining processes.

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