Why Visit

Why attend ADF&PCD Shanghai

ADF&PCD Shanghai 2019 will help all professionals involved in the packaging of beauty, perfume and cosmetic products to get an exclusive insight into consumer growth trends in skincare, products for children, sports cosmetics & beauty, cosmeceuticals, men’s cosmetics, natural ingredients as well as nature’s influence on cosmetics products.

Product display

Technologies you will find...

  • Airless systems
  • Applicators and dispensing technologies
  • Transformers of plastic materials and metal to aerosol cans
  • Surface treatments, finishing, stamping and decoration
  • Labels, inserts, triptychs, folding boxes, gift boxes, films, pouches, sleeves and packaging accessories
  • Colour management and package digital workflow
  • Paper, paperboard, plastic, metal, glass, film, composite and texture
  • Glass, bottle and can
  • Valve, pump and brown vitriol
  • POS manufacturers
  • Filler and service providers
  • Propellants, inks, varnishes, coatings
  • Filling and packaging machinery
  • Traceability, security, anti-counterfeiting solutions

Show features

The Pentawards Conference

ADF&PCD has teamed up with the Pentawards to help you overcome your biggest packaging design challenges.

Empowering you to also produce award winning products, satisfy consumer needs and stay one step ahead of your competition.

Meet and be inspired by some of the most prestigious design agencies from around the world who will be presenting insight on future trends, success & failure stories and how they overcame the challenges you are facing today.

Aerosol & Dispensing Conference

Hear from technical aerosol and dispensing experts and hear about current regulations impacting the industry and how you can ensure your aerosol, dispensing and packaging products are in line with regulations. Featuring suppliers, brands and industry thought leaders. 

Cross-sector networking

A single conversation with a wise man is better than 10 years of study
- Chinese proverb

Innovation and improved business performance is driven by conversations.

ADF&PCD proactively facilitates cross-sector networking so that you can exchange challenges, opportunities and ideas at the show.


Who attends ADF&PCD?

estee lauder


The most successful thing about the show has been the companies we met. We had really good conversation with L’oréal, Uniliver, shiseido and more. At the show we promote our most luxurious products to match with the visitor’s needs. The Pentawards conference has definitely been the most attractive thing at the show, most of visitors were very interested into the content.

KURZ – Carol Lee – Marketing Manager

The show was brilliant, we made very good contact that we wouldn’t be able to meet anywhere else, prospect form Singapore, Malaysia or Japan. For Aerosol it is the best place to meet big brands with real project.

CLYTON – Ric Berger – Sales Director