Last minute exhibiting tips

Last minute exhibitors: your guide to exhibiting at lightning speed!

It is never ideal to book your stand at the last minute, but you're definitely not the first person to find themselves in this situation!

Be it a week, two weeks or a month before the show opens, it is completely possible to beat time constraints and have an amazing show!

Below are all the tips you need to calm down and work out the fastest path to make your event a success no matter the time left you have to prepare it.

Step one: the basics you can execute within less than an hour

  1. You have received your Myeasyfairs logins when booking your stand. You simply need to login to
  2. Once you are in there, complete your exhibitor profile
  3. Request your exhibitor check-list to make yourself aware of all the upcoming deadlines and contact for the ones you have missed
  4. Fill out the Marketing & PR form to make sure you are featured in the show guide

Step two: what do you want achieve at the show?

  • Develop leads
  • Network
  • Grow your database
  • Create awareness about your latest innovations and products
  • Launch a new product

I will be happy if I manage to get...

  • Leads
  • Meetings
  • Equiries
  • Surveys

The whole purpose of listing these objectives and expectations is to give you an idea of what actions to prioritise prior to the show.

Once you have put together a list of your must-achieves, you will be able to have the best action plan possible.

Step three: your budget plan in 5 minutes

What is you total budget plan?

I plan to spend...

  • AV / electrics / lighting / internet
  • Stand designs and graphics
  • Flooring & furniture
  • Hotel / food / travel
  • Others / extras

If you have never planned a show before and need some help and guidance, do not hesitate to contact

Our team is here to help and guide you throught this hard but amazing journey!


Step four: make sure to promote your presence at the show

As you will be starting promoting your stand late, we recommend you put a lot of effort into the promotion of your stand. You will need more visibility than ever!

Using the marketing tools we offer will help you generate traffic to your stand and reach the right audience. Not only can you drive registrations and make your prospects know you will be there, you can also reach a tailored audience that will help you meet your expectations and needs, and therefore have a fruitful show.


Your package includes (some of these tools might not be available anymore according to when you book your stand):

  • The Marketing & PR form (this will enable you to get press coverage and help us communicate about your latst products and innovations)
  • Your My Easyfairs account
  • Personalised WeChat invitations
  • Trackable registration link
  • Exhibitor badges
  • VIP email invitations
  • Customizable HTML code
  • Buttons and banners
  • Show guide entry (print)

Please contact for more information and marketing support.

Step five: make sure all of your staff is involved

We recommend you to send a corporate email making it mandatory for each member of staff to:

  • Add the show dates, stand number, personalized banner and unique registration link to their email signature
  • Let all of their contacts and prospects about you presence at the show
  • Try and schedule meetings on the stand at the show
  • Invite all database to register to show for Marketing people

Step six: last minute check-list

  • Show guide entry sorted (if not too late)
  • AV
  • Personnel registration
  • Email blast
  • Flooring
  • Furniture
  • Hotels
  • Insurance
  • Lighting
  • Parking
  • Travel
  • Visa (if applicable)
  • Use of marketing tools
  • Website profile
  • Staff engagement
check list

Step seven: ASK MARKETING!

The marketing team will always be happy to help and give you a push on social media! Let us know if you need any help, and we will do our best to get you as much coverage as possible.

However, don't forget that we provide you with a lot of marketing tools, so make sure you make the best use of them first!