Discover the future of the packaging with the Accelerator

The Accelerator

The Accelerator is a platform that is dedicated to independant brands, start-ups and indie brands that are looking to promote their new products in the industry.

They wish to meet, exchange and present the innovations that will revolutionise packaging and cosmetics in the future.

ADF&PCD Accelerator with the support of VIEdoc (Monitoring Tool)

Glancy 3D

Glancy 3D

Packaging is your silent salesman: his language is through visual stimulis, his mission is to boost your sales. Designing a visually attractive package is crucial in creating a successful product. Glancy 3D is the first computer vision artificial intelligence for packaging design assesment and optimisation. We will help you design eye catching products.



Paptic is a Finnish start-up that is answering to an obvious need of brand owners, retailers and consumers for a sustainable packaging material by replacing fossil based flexible plastic packaging with novel fibre products, such as carrier bags, e-commerce mailing bags and string bags/pouches.
Paptic produces a unique material, PAPTIC®, which is composed of renewable and biodegradable raw materials, including wood fibre that comes from sustainably managed certified forests.

The Living Ink Lab


Living Ink labs is an innovative biomaterials start-up company. Specifically, the company develops novel technologies using algae for a wide variety of pigments and ink products. Living Ink is one of the first companies in the world to produce a bio-based pigment for an ink product that is safe, renewable, and 100% biodegradable. Traditionally, pigments such as carbon black is used in ink, which is derived from petroleum, not biodegradable, and toxic to humans.



From recycled yarns, L'indispensac offers 100% customizable bags thanks to Jacquard know-how.
All our bags are woven in Charlieu and then made in the region of Roanne by adapted companies and our solidarity network (Origine France Garantie).
Here are some of our achievements and references:



Revinax is a virtual reality platform that creates, edits and distributes virtual training tutorials for highly skilled professions and precision skill training. The company was founded in Montpellier (France) in 2015 by neurosurgeon Dr. Maxime Ros and Mr. Jean-Vincent Trives. Our multi-disciplinary team combines pedagogical expertise and technical know-how in virtual reality, design and web development to create efficient virtual training tutorials.



Ashana. B


Ashana. B PARIS is a 100% French luxury eco-responsible brand which celebrates natural beauty.
Founded in 2015 as a part of a revolution combining luxurious, organic and vegan cosmetics, that cleanse, moisturize and regenerate cells while respecting the different skin and hair types. Also, with its “Just Be Yourself” mindset and movement, Ashana B Paris is dedicated to promoting inner beauty.



Packitoo is the first smart process application for packaging development, purchase and selling. Through its web application, Packitoo transforms the old school, time & money consuming process of developing, sourcing, purchasing and selling customized packaging into a connected and joyful experience.
Go faster, do better, save money: connect your teams!



Kalys Cosmetics


Kalys is an innovative natural cosmetics brand for face and body and created in the heart of Provence, next to Marseille. Since 2010 Kalys offers 11 care products distributed in shops, pharmacies and health and beauty stores in south of France.