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Imprim Luxe


For this edition, Imprim’Luxe will have a special presence at the trade show to represent and highlight the French know-how of professionals in the graphics sector, with more than ten members participating in the exhibition


AFA Dispensing group

Headquartered in Helmond, The Netherlands, AFA is a world-class dispensing solutions business and a global supplier of technology-rich liquid dispensing products

Go-to dispensing products, proprietary technologies and large scale, low cost production facilities mean that we are the go-to partner for a long list of prestigious global customers. Many of the world’s top brands in home and garden, food, beverage and other packaged goods trust us to supply a best-in-class dispensing product experience.

Our product range includes pre-compression sprayers (OpUs and OpAd2), a propellant-free aerosol-like dispenser (Flairosol), a double layer airless bottle range (Flair) and a number of customized applications that use AFA’s dispensing platforms to create greater value for the consumer, such as Heineken’s home draft-beer system (The Sub + The Torp)

At AFA we offer a one-stop shop in dispensing solutions. We research. We develop. We innovate. We deliver. We support. We envision the future, together



FEVE is the Federation of European manufacturers of glass containers and machine-made glass tableware. Its members produce over 20 million tonnes of glass per year. The association has some 60 corporate members belonging to approximately 20 independent corporate groups. Manufacturing plants are located across 23 European States and include global blue chip and major companies working for the world’s biggest consumer brands.

Heinz Glas

Heinz Glas

With glassmaking in the family as far back as 1523, today, the HEINZ-GLAS Group (since 1622) is one of the leading manufacturers and decorator of glass flacons and caps for the perfume and cosmetics industry. If you are seeking luxurious flacons, be it in crystal-white, opal white or coloured glass, we are the partner for you. Let us inspire you.



We have invented spray nozzles to design new devices. We hold various patents on specific aspects of our proprietary spray technology and manufacturing thereof. Our technology is made effective in your products and you licence in our technology, which is agreed as a full package deal; new product programs (also) need agreements on research and concept work, device and clinical development work, manufacturing validation and scale-up, clinical and regular supply, regulatory approvals and quality control. So once we’ve agreed on deal structure, we set milestones and commit to timelines. And off we go!

ECS logo


The magnetic function in the service of the packaging and of the cosmetic perfume shop. ECS France Magnet Engineering puts its experience of more than 40 years in permanent magnets at your disposal for the integration of the magnetic function in your products (cases, caskets, flasks, powder compacts, sprays, etc).

PR Service Graphique

PR Service Graphique

Conception and manufacturer of luxury packaging and high quality gifts and accessories as promotional items. Our clients, the luxury Brands as Chanel Parfums Beauté, Cartier, Bulgari, Parfums Dior, Maison Francis Kurkdjian…

They all appreciate her company’s fast reaction capacity, R&D expertise, strict quality control and compliance with deadlines. At PR Service Graphique, and in the aura of these prestigious labels, top-end packaging has become the essential value for image and imagination, the first gift that a brand offers its customers. Because… beauty inside comes through on the outside!

VIP Lounge sponsor

Quadpack logo


Quadpack Group is a global manufacturer and supplier of enhanced packaging solutions to beauty brand owners and contract fillers. Established in 2003, it has offices throughout Europe, the US, Australia and Asia, manufacturing plants in Spain and Korea and a strategic network of manufacturing partners. Quadpack developed its expertise supplying personalised standard packaging for prestige brands. Today, it increasingly develops bespoke packs for prestige, masstige and mass market customers, with dedicated divisions for the skin care, make-up and perfumery sectors.

Roval Cosmétiques

Roval Cosmétiques

Industrial subcontracting in cosmetics and perfumery: Full-service and tailor-made. Development of cosmetic products: conception, formulation, manufacture, filling, contract manufacturing, logistics. Toiletries/Deo roll-on/Hair care/Styling/Skin & Body care/Male grooming/Baby/Child/Nail polish remover/Perfumery/Eau de Cologne/Mouthwash/Liquid toothpaste/First aid.

Gold sponsor

Stribbons logo


Stribbons designs and manufactures unique luxury packaging and decorative accessories. With a trend-setting and innovative approach to customized design, the company focuses in a variety of industries that include fragrance, cosmetics, luxury goods, specialty foods, and spirits.
In strategically located offices, and factories in China, Stribbons’ state-of-the-art facilities sew, dye, print, and laser-cut using novel materials and manufacturing techniques to create items such as ribbons, bows, rigid and flex packaging, and sewn bags.
Stribbons factories are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified, which assures customers that all items manufactured conform with quality product safety and appropriate environmental standards.
Spread across North America and Europe, the creative sales staff offers in-depth knowledge and high-quality customer service, ensuring intellectual property integrity and confidence in Stribbons’ capabilities.



We make the packaging and solutions you use every day – from tubes, lipsticks, mascaras and pumps to applicators, packs with formula, travel kits and much more.

We serve prestigious and dynamic brands, whether they are legacy or indie, big or small, international or local.

We are a large/small company with 1.5 billion dollars in revenues, big-group assets and an entrepreneurial mindset.

We support our customers wherever they are in the world, thanks to our 15,000 people and 39-site footprint across West and East Europe, North and South America, China and Asia. Our motto is “Made here. Made responsibly.” because

we care about the environment and our communities.

Our vision is to be the best company for our customers, people, partners and all of our stakeholders.

We are Albéa, the global leader in beauty packaging. 


Clayton Corporation

Clayton’s focus on innovation and customers resulted in Clayton becoming the leader in valves for dispensing viscous and foaming products. Whether it’s a food, industrial building material, consumer, cosmetic or medical product, Clayton’s designs help build markets. Throughout our 73 year history, Clayton has been involved in all facets of aerosols as component supplier (valves, covers, accessories, dispensing systems, etc.), marketer, formulator, and filler. As a result, Clayton is well versed in all aspects of aerosol products. This superior experience and knowledge allows Clayton to provide the highest level of service, support and quality to our customers. With Clayton’s vision and assistance such aerosol markets as cheese, caking icing, cake frosting, pancake batter, sauces, PU foam, silicone, caulk, adhesives, shave cream, texture coatings, drain deplugger, hair gels, hair colors and others have come to fruition. 

Clayton continues to apply that spirit of innovation and technical expertise towards developing the visions, concepts, prototypes and products that meet the needs of its customers and the aerosol market. Clayton has established as system for rapid design and development to quickly and effectively provide state-of–the-art solutions to solve complex aerosol problems.



Cosmetics & Perfumes packaging is our main market. Dedicated to custom-designed thermoformed packaging, we are truly at the service of your value creation. We know that the perception and brand image of your product are strategic, CSI makes a difference through creativity and a comprehensive support of your project (styling, quality, total cost of ownership, eco-design - Iso 14001 certified, 80% of production from recycling origin -, market timeliness) and success of your new packaging. About 30 years of continually enriched expertise in vac forming / trays, state-of-the-art design (3D-scanner, ultra-rapid prototyping) and production resources, a benchmark service reliability complete our main strengths, as evidenced by our French & international prestigious customers satisfaction (turnover : +100% vs 2010). 

VAC FORMING, Vac tray for your industrial process. Automatic cut corners, automatic printed mask gluing, decorative options. Copacking on demand.

Dow europe

Dow europe

Dow partners with brand owners, converters and equipment manufacturers to bring new levels of beauty to personal care and cosmetic packaging. With DuPont SURLYN® being integrated into Dow, the cosmetics industry can benefit from the best of both worlds in terms of technical know-how and focus on innovation and differentiation. Our cosmetic packaging products take luxury packaging to new heights by combining aesthetics with function and durability.

Sin rejac

Sin Rejac

SIN-REJAC has been manufacturing ribbons for major luxury brands since 1947. World leader in the printed ribbon market,

SIN-REJAC is present in the jewellery, cosmetics, leather goods and other sectors



TREFFPACK is the brand of two successful family businesses in the primary packaging industry, namely C.E. Gätcke's Glas Gesellschaft and F. Dau & Sohn from Hamburg, Germany. Both companies were founded in the late 1870s and merged in the 1930s.

Schools & Associations

Ecole supérieure du parfum

Ecole Supérieure du parfum


Comité Français des Aérosols (CFA)

Conseil national de l'emballage

Conseil National de l'Emballage

The French Packaging Council (CNE), a non-profit organization founded in 1997, is a moral authority and a forum for dialogue between the various players of the packaging industry: packaging materials manufacturers, packaging manufacturers (converters), producers of consumer goods, distributors, approved collection and recovery systems and operators, local authorities as well as consumer and environmental organizations.

The mission of the CNE is to develop and disseminate better practices in designing, using and marketing products packaging. As it is historically active in the development of a packaging waste prevention policy, the CNE more generally wishes to be a spearhead in the development of a responsible policy relative to the eco-design of products packaging.

This results in different actions:

  • Developing and disseminating good practices in designing, production, retail and usage of products packaging.
  • Formulating positions and advice to the different stakeholders.
  • Being proactive in developing a product packaging eco-design policy.
  • Developing and promoting prevention and source reduction.
  • Facilitate exchanges between the different stakeholders.


Fragrance Foundation

To inspire the world to discover the artistry and passion of fragrance.

Media partners

Aerosol Europe

Aerosol Europe

Aerosol Europe: The European magazine for th international aerosol industry.

AEROSOL EUROPE is the leading magazine for the aerosol industry in Europe. Topics relevant to the European market, individual products and fairs and congresses are discussed in detail.

Beauty Packaging

Beauty Packaging

Covering all types of packaging, Beauty Packaging is published for executives involved in the personal care, cosmetic and fragrance industry.
This new website will bring much of the flavor of the publication to the web. But there is no substitute for the print version.

BW Confidential

BW Confidential

BW Confidential is the Paris-based business-to-business publication for the international cosmetics and fragrance industry. BW Confidential's offer consists of news headlines published daily on our website, an electronic publication (twice a month), a print magazine (four times a year) and a Collector's Guide (once a year). BW Confidential provides the latest news, analysis and commentary on major issues in the global beauty market. BW Confidential brings you interviews with key players, insight into new trends, regional and country reports, packaging innovations, consumer studies, developments in retail, company strategy analysis and product launches. Our target readers are decision-makers in the international beauty industry.

Chimie Pharma hebdo

Chimie Pharma Hebdo

Controles essais mesures

Contrôles Essais Mesures

Cosmetic Business

Cosmetic Business

Cosmetics Business delivers industry news and information through print, digital and live platforms to a global audience of business professionals responsible for making, distributing, buying and retailing cosmetics, personal care, fragrance and beauty products. Updated daily and with global coverage, Cosmetics Business is recognised as the leading resource for business leaders and industry experts in the Cosmetics and Personal care industries.

Cosmetique Mag

Cosmétique Mag

The leader magazine for beauty professional.
CosmétiqueMag tells you everything you need to know across the entire beauty industry, with news on ingredients suppliers, packaging, brands and distributors.  Every month the wide-ranging magazine tackles the topics and issues the industry is talking about, reports on business strategies and consumer and sales trends, and conti-nues to provide full product files on the brands’ most important launches, including composition, launch time-tables and distribution channels.
For the past 30 years, the CosmétiqueMag Oscars have honored the year’s top creations and outstan-ding performances in cosmetics and perfume, and in design, packaging and advertising in the beauty industry. Each June, more than 600 top beauty professionals come together in exclusive surroundings for the CosmétiqueMag Oscars award ceremony.



COSSMA is the most innovative B2B trade magazine for the cosmetic producing industry.

Developments and trends in the cosmetics industry around the globe, and marketing concepts to ensure successful product positioning: these are questions which are on the minds of the industry's decision makers every day. COSSMA - Cosmetics, Spray Technology and Marketing - has the answers.



The universe of the pharmaceutical products has been for a few years in full change. Necessary control of the health expenditure, development of OTC, arrival of generic drugs, increasingly high cost of research …
A situation which pushes from now on the pharmaceutical laboratories to face new competition. This is why, packing can seem today an essential lever marketing in terms of image, but also of practical side by the appearance of new systems of diffusion of the molecules and make the difference with competitors. DOSES wishes to give an account of all these evolutions, innovations, by integrating the point of view of the laboratories, the pharmaceutical subcontractors, the industrialists of packing, and the agencies of design.

Emballages Digest

Emballages Digest

Emballages Mag

Emballages Magazine

Expression cosmétiques

Expression Cosmétiques

EXPRESSION COSMÉTIQUE focuses on essential topics : markets, perfumery, legislation, ingredients, research, service providers… The magazine offers practical solutions to the issues facing each player: marketing trends, practical fact sheets on formulation, product development, expert's advice on regulatory topics, technical advice, research articles and an agenda. Are also provided previews and reports on key events on the sector (trade shows, conferences, congresses, meetings...) and a section specifically dedicated to the profession's life where manufacturers are interviewed enabling each reader to keep up with the news specific to his field.



Formes de Luxe

Formes de Luxe

France Graphique

France Graphique

Global Cosmetic News

Global Cosmetics News

Global Cosmetics News is a digital publisher of the latest global business information for professionals working in the cosmetics industry.
We cover daily news relating to all aspects of the cosmetics industry, from raw materials and packaging design to manufacturing processes and product launches. We examine environmental issues and technological developments, monitor marketing campaigns and retail distribution, and report on mergers and acquisition, trading reports and regulatory updates. We source stories from across the world to provide the most comprehensive digital summary of the global supply chain.

industries cosmétiques

Industries Cosmétiques

News packaging

News Packaging

Packaging austria

Packaging Austria

Packaging Europe

Packaging Europe

Packaging Europe is the leading information supplier for the European packaging industry. It delivers pan-European packaging news and authoritative analysis online and in print.

Packaging News

Packaging News

Packaging News, both in print and online, sits right at the heart of that supply chain. Wherever our readers work – be they operations director at a converter, a packaging technologist at a brand owner, a designer in a branding agency or a sales manager for an equipment supplier – they turn to Packaging News for authoritative, timely and business-critical information on their industry.

Packaging News does this through the industry's leading monthly magazine, a range of daily and weekly email news bulletins, live events such as the UK Packaging Awards, the Packaging for Retail Success conference, and a newly-launched iPad edition – a first for the packaging sector in the UK.

Packaging Polska

Packaging Polska

PACKAGING POLSKA is a magazine dedicated to modern packaging industry. Fundamental target group are Product Managers of companies and businesses that need packaging. The combination of technical themes with market information and issues connected with the creation of packaging or advertising creates a communication channel between the producer and recipient of the packaging.

packaging today

Packaging Today

pap argus


Premium Beauty News

Premium Beauty News is a website devoted to professionals of the cosmetics and beauty industries (fragrance, toiletries, skincare, face care and hair care products, make-up) and related sectors (e.g. wellness products, diet and supplement foods).

On, we select and analyse news from an international point of view and focus on the information that may impact the international trade of cosmetic products or affect the industry at a global level. We can rely on an international network of correspondents and partners (in Germany, Brazil, China, …). All the news are provided in English and French and highlight the information of special interest to the research and development (R&D), marketing, purchasing and export divisions, and to the top management.

New products and innovations from the industry’s suppliers (ingredients, raw materials, packaging, fill-in, private labelling, design) are more specially highlighted, so as regulatory news, scientific breakthroughs and latest market trends and key market figures.

Premium & Luxe

Premium & Luxe

Smither Pira

Smithers Pira

Smithers Pira is the worldwide authority on the packaging, paper and print industry supply chains. We provide world-leading expertise and market intelligence, and offer a range of testing services supported by comprehensive facilities in the UK and US.

Our market reports provide an independent and expert view of emerging markets, technologies and factors which will affect the packaging, paper and print industries. Each report contains a qualitative and quantitative five-year market forecast, including a comprehensive analysis of customers and providers to each market.

View our market reports including our latest The Dispensing for Packaging Report: Forecasts to 2023

We also offer bespoke Strategic consultancy services, helping companies to solve a specific business need. Our specialist research team can assist with market sizing and forecasting, market segmentation, market entry studies, and surveys. We can also assist with strategic business planning to help you identify new profitable opportunities and niche markets, understand unmet needs, and benchmark against competitors.

Ventas de perfumaria

Ventas de Perfumeria y Cosmetica


VR VerpackungsRundschau

VR VerpackungsRundschau is a German based magazine for the packaging industry and provides decision makers at domestic and international packaged goods companies with current information and added value regarding all aspects of industrial packaging in the food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemical and non-food industries.
VR also offers online news online at and email newsletters in German and English with the latest news from the world of packaging. The cross-media brand “VR Verpackung & Marketing“ focuses on the marketing function of packaging with an annual journal and a monthly email newsletter in German.
A solid network of correspondents reports on trends, events, new machines, and new products – seen on-site, or at trade fairs. Visit our website and subscribe to our weekly newsletter free of charge under

Follow us on Twitter: @VR_Nachrichten.



Webpackaging, part of the Webpac Digital Media Group's suite of online services, is the best platform available for connecting packaging buyers with packaging suppliers. Every day, thousands of visitors to Webpackaging obtain news on the packaging industry and inspiration for upcoming projects, use PackFind to search for unique packaging solutions, and read Webpackaging's trio of digital publications, Food, Pharma, and Beauty, each packed with interactive content on their respective markets.

World Aerosols

World Aerosols

World Aerosols magazine covers all aspects of aerosol production and usage globally.
Every issue includes interviews with leading industry figures, up-to-date news, in-depth analysis, the latest regulations and policies, in addition to current statistics and new production developments.
World Aerosols is read by CEOs, heads of packaging, production/design managers, R & D personnel, heads of production development, as well as brand managers and those working in safety and sustainability departments.

World press online

World Press Online

WorldPressOnline offers you a very easy and efficient way to send your press releases to the world trade press. We distribute your press release to the relevant media, saving you time and money. Journalists can consult your press releases in our online archive, and find corporate and company contact information. A dedicated tracking system provides reports for further follow-up with interested publications. Press release distribution is the most powerful and cost-effective form of communication to get your message to the market and raise visibility for your company. With WorldPressOnline, your press release will reach the right people at the right time. With more than 3000 opt-in journalists, we’ll get your press release directly to the desktops of the appropriate editors. Our complete range of services allows direct access throughout the world, as well as comprehensive media databases, search engine.