The ADF and PCD conferences

The ADF and PCD conference programmes deliver high quality and technical content designed in collaboration with brands. Innovation, technology transfer and sustainable developments are at the heart of the conferences.

The two-day conference aims to give a fresh perspective on how to overcome daily challenges faced by different sectors, such as the beauty, automotive or pharmaceutical industry, with a focus on cosmetics packaging, aerosol innovations and strategies for the future of the aerosol and cosmetics industries.

Be inspired by experts!

The ADF&PCD conference returns this year with a reinvigorated programme of vital content to ensure it hits the spot to help you overcome your challenges.

We talk to buyers, specifiers and suppliers from the aerosol, dispensing, perfume and cosmetics packaging industry to find out what keeps you awake at night, so we can design a programme that ensures it addresses YOUR needs!

The Paris 2019 conference programme will feature some of the gods and heroes of our industry, delivering insight on future trends, technical case studies, legislation updates, success and failure stories and ways to overcome the challenges you are facing.

ADF conferences
  • Aerosol & Dispensing technologies: state of the art
  • Eco-design and sustainable development
  • Aerosol packaging
  • Preservation, propellants spray, and dispensing technologies
  • Compatibility and predictability
  • Manufacturing of aerosol cans, valves BOV, components, spray systems
  • Plastic aerosol update

Speakers in 2018 included:


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pcd conference
  • Keeping ahead of the global trend curve
  • Overcoming the challenge of sustainability in a 21st Century world
  • Beating the odds to create truly innovative beauty packaging
  • Consumers: what the hell are they thinking?
  • The importance of collaboration between brands and suppliers
  • Global trends – the latest trends in beauty packaging
  • The vision of packaging by the consumer

Speakers in 2018 included:


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