Why Visit?

Meet the Best of the Industry & Overcome your Biggest Challenges at ADF&PCD New York

Are you in need of a time & cost effective way to...

  • Meet like-minded North American cosmetic & perfume packaging and aerosol industry colleagues all in one convenient and centrally located venue
  • Learn about industry best practices from packaging experts at the top cosmetics and fragrance brands
  • Innovate and get creative alongside indie beauty packaging gurus that are at the cutting edge of design and technology
  • Attend interactive, hands-on workshops taught by instructors from internationally renowned design programs
  • Connect and get special offers from leading packaging and aerosol suppliers 

Benchmark Existing Suppliers And Source New Partners

Benchmark your existing suppliers with potential new partners to ensure your business is kept up-to-date with the latest technological and design advancements. A visit to ADF&PCD will help you to improve supplier cost efficiency, supplier flexibility, speed to market, profit margin and ultimately will help you find the right partner to fuel your growth ambitions.

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Get a Fresh Perspective On Overcoming Industry Challenges

Our conference program is designed to help visitors overcome their biggest strategic and tactical challenges. 

You will have the exclusive opportunity to meet, interact and exchange ideas with the speakers. It is THE one time of the year you will get to spend quality time with your industry peers and learn from the best of the industry.

See What It Takes To Achieve GREATNESS!

The ADF&PCD Innovation Awards showcase the latest and most cutting-edge innovations in the industry. See what it takes to achieve industry recognition. Judged by a panel of esteemed industry experts, be the first to see what’s hot this year!



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Cross-Sector Networking

Innovation and improved business performance are driven by conversation. ADF&PCD proactively facilitates cross-sector networking so that you can exchange challenges, opportunities, and ideas at the show.

Our complimentary champagne evening, innovation awards, conferences will provide you with the perfect opportunity to meet fellow industry professionals and incorporate their expert insight into your business. 

Technologies you will find...

  • Airless systems
  • Applicators and dispensing technologies
  • Transformers of plastic materials and metal to aerosol cans
  • Surface treatments, finishing, stamping, and decoration
  • Labels, inserts, triptychs, folding boxes, gift boxes, films, pouches, sleeves, accessorization, and ornamentations
  • Color management & packaging digital workflow
  • Paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, films and complex, textiles
  • Glass, bottles and jars
  • Valves, pumps, BOVs
  • POS manufacturers
  • Filler and service providers
  • Propellants, inks, varnishes, coatings
  • Filling and packaging machinery
  • Traceability, security, anti-counterfeiting solutions

ADF&PCD New York is a big win for North American’s aerosols and dispensing projects. I am sure this event will develop like the European version, because of the need for this area.

Peter Lamboy, Director Packaging Development, Kao Europe

This is my first time here at PCD and I must say that I am impressed!

Competition Unlimited Corp

This event is a boutique trade show for people that are involved in the business. no shenanigans, simply straight forward networking and business.

Matias Levit, Condensa

It’s exciting to have a show in the USA celebrating the aerosol industry!

Ball Corporation

The award ceremony was fantastic! Great to hear from some industry leaders! I have learned so much today

Abigail Browarsky, Verescence

A wonderful way to network with other vendors in the industry.

Peter Strapopolous, Portobello packaging

ADF&PCD was a great opportunity to meet industry leaders focused on the cosmetics market. The intimate setting and discussions were very valuable.

Ritika Kalia, Dow Chemical