Innovation and Improved Business Performance Are Driven by Conversation

ADF&PCD proactively facilitates cross-sector networking so that you can exchange challenges, opportunities, and ideas at the show.

Our popular champagne drinks party, innovation awards conferences and lunch and learn sessions will provide you with the perfect opportunity to meet fellow industry professionals and incorporate their expert insight into your business.

Meet The Speakers

The ADF, PCD and Pentawards Conferences will feature dedicated Q&A sessions, with an invaluable opportunity to meet and question the Industry Elite.

This is a unique opportunity to connect with some of the most influential experts in the industry, who will there to help you tackle the biggest aerosol, dispensing, perfume and cosmetic packaging challenges and address upcoming beauty and design trends.

Meet the speakers

Be at the Epicentre of the Industry

The informal environment of the event format gives you the best setting to network with both the leading professionals in the sector and your peers who are also there to find out the latest innovations in the market!

Share your experiences, make new friends and learn from others around you!

The format of the event encourages the exchange of ideas, sharing best practice and innovative solutions to aerosol and packaging design challenges.

Grow your Network!

ADF&PCD New York will host a number of events during the two days. 

The entire show is designed to give you the opportunity to meet existing and potential new business partners.

The networking cocktail party will take place at 5 pm on day one, and will provide you with a great environment to meet other industry professionals over complimentary drinks and snacks.

Networking 3

It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the aerosol industry from the folks on the front lines and to dive deep into this critically important sector. The show will help us all to be more effective in building and sustaining relationships.

Steve Caldeira, President & CEO, Consumer Specialty Products Association