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Benpac Packaging Ltd

Benpac Packaging Ltd


21180 Rayong

Drawing on the 45 years of history, benpac packaging offers complete turnkey lines for aluminium aerosol cans, bottles, marker pens, cigar tubes and collapsible aluminum tubes and is presently the only company making almost all machines in the line in-house. benpac packaging is thus able to take responsibility for the speed of the entire line when it is maintained per agreed guidelines and service conditions. This gives customers complete confidence in having one point of contact for all their needs: machine upgrades, service on all parts of the line, etc. Furthermore, benpac packaging is unique in being able to test the machine in one location before shipment

Mindful of the industry’s concerns for efficiency and environmental considerations, our Swiss engineered equipment addresses these issues. Our reliable lines provide customers the confidence to consistently and cost effectively produce aluminum cans and tubes to the highest quality, while meeting all industry standards.

benpac packaging has delivered lines to all markets across the world and has special know-how in clean room installations for pharmaceutical tube production, in particular for the Japanese market.

benpac packaging holds a unique position in the Industry in that it is the only Equipment manufacturer offering line speeds ranging from 120ppm and going beyong 210ppm. Furthermore, ist proven Twin Decorator system facilitates a print changeover in just 5 minutes. These factors motivate new entrants to enter the Industry to tap into the booming aerosol as well as other markets while at the same time Keep their CAPEX exposure optimized.


Product news

  • benpac holding ag takes over PackSys Global Thailand

    The Nidwalden-based group of companies benpac holding ag will take over the PackSys Global Thailand on June 01, 2019, which in the future will be listed as benpac packaging ltd. In addition to further growth in the aluminum core business, benpac also sees a strategic idea behind the purchase: Thailand as a hub in Asia for the expansion of the group.

    benpac holding ag is active in the fields of high-precision and high-performance filling machines, cappers, labeling solutions, plastic injection molding technology and paper-based packaging technology. benpac holding ag is an international group of companies focusing on Europe, North and South America.

    benpac holding ag Sonnenbergstrasse 19 CH-6052 Hergiswil kommunikation@benpac.ch / communication@benpac.com