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Printex Transparent Packaging

Printex Transparent Packaging


United States

Printex Transparent Packaging (PTP) is the largest designer and manufacturer of clear plastic folding boxes in North America. PTP offers comprehensive packaging solutions utilizing high impact graphics, state-of-the-art technologies and unique product visibility. Our product lines include clear cartons, hybrid paperboard cartons with windows, gravity feed and countertop displays, POP materials such as danglers, literature holders and signage. In addition to our over 40 years of manufacturing experience our capabilities include UV offset, silkscreen printing, hot foil stamping, embossing and a full-service package design and development team.

We provide customers with visual comprehensive packaging solutions designed to take full advantage of the unique qualities plastic has to offer. Our clear folding and hybrid cartons allow you to showcase your product, build strong brand identity and provides a level of design sophistication not attainable with conventional paperboard packaging.

Contact us: 1-800-461-8106, info@ptpackaging.com, https://www.ptpackaging.com/


Product news

  • Holiday Retail Packaging

    1. Adding holiday themes to your retail packaging will help your brand stay relevant!
    Get noticed with custom designed transparent packaging in shapes such as this star. Gone are the days of a plain acetate box. PET can be designed to make more upscale feature packaging. According to a Clemson University Study, transparent packaging is 675% more likely to grab a shopper’s eyes compared to paper cardboard packaging

    2. Seasonal transparent packaging creates interest from your regular packaging!
    As retailers you offer a program seasonally because that’s when the influx of spending is. Limited edition transparent packaging re-engages your current customer base and creates exclusivity. Seasonal packaging creates interest from your regular packaging. Printex Transparent Packaging has packaging design teams to help you create beautiful Christmas or Specialty Seasonal Packaging. Take full advantage of the effects that can be created when printing on the clear PET using a combination of vibrant opaque colors, vignettes fading from translucent to clear, sparkling foil stamping or even a fragrance on the clear folding box package! We’ve also done seasonal gift style packaging combining paper and plastic to make a hybrid box.

    3. Capitalize on the increased selling power of product visibility with clear plastic PET Packaging!
    The holiday season sees an expected increase in impulse purchases, with all the gift shopping underway. Consumers will opt for the festive, as it is the season after all. Keeping up with the rest of the market ensures you don’t lose the competitive edge. Reinforce your brand identity with highly creative seasonal packaging. Excite the senses and create a lasting shopping experience by displaying eye-catching visuals, staying consistent across all channels and by portraying a human element, whether it be through a touch of humor or quirkiness. This is increasingly important, as shoppers, notably millennials seek brands with like-minded personalities.