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SR Packaging North America Inc.

SR Packaging North America Inc.


08831 New Jersey
United States

We're a producer of packaging. We have two contemporary and efficient factories, a warehouse brimming with numerous stock products created from proprietary moulds, and we devote ourselves to providing complete project planning for our customers.

The packaging sector is very competitive, our key differentiating characteristic is that we always stay two steps ahead of the industry. We are more aggressive when it comes to pursuing new design concepts and making technological breakthroughs.

Keeping up with market trends and staying ahead of the curve is both challenging and immensely satisfying. Watching the evolution of the packaging industry is genuinely interesting, it clearly reflects societal and commercial values. We feel the anxiety and take the responsibility to avoid harmful activity to the environment. By innovating packaging design, we program our better future with sustainable action.


Product news

  • Compare PCR Packaging options with SR Packaging's Sample Box for review and evaluation purposes

    Beauty and skincare brands are experiencing a wave of environmental awareness. Consumers are demanding greener packaging options. With all the information about sustainable packaging available here and there, companies need more supportive data to accelerate the decision process. SR Packaging is here to help. Its PCR Packaging Sample Box is offered to have a closer look at post-consumer recycled material for packaging applications.

    For years, SR Packaging has provided PCR packaging to many companies around the world. Its bottles, tubes, jars, and airless packs are all made of PCR plastic. SRP has actual production statistics of manufacturing PCR packaging and prepares a range sample box with different percentage of PCR content for project review. The PCR Packaging Sample Box is prepared for companies that are ready to support the earth with sustainable business decision. Please fill this form to request for PCR Packaging Sample Box https://forms.gle/j6gy4R7UgLM1vdeL8

    The use of Post Consumer Recycled plastic has a great significance for the environment, as the plastic has been recycled into a resin so that it can be reused. The carbon emissions generated by the production process are reduced by approximately 60% so that the environmental and ecological impact is greatly reduced.

    At the cutting edge of both packaging technology and beauty packaging trends, SR Packaging can customize the amount of PCR material in its packaging according to brand requirements.


  • The PCR Airless Packaging Collection includes bottles, tubes, and tottles

    Sustainability is hot right now. Consumers are demanding dependable packaging that respects the environment and beauty brands must respond.

    SR Packaging is leading innovation in sustainable packaging. Its PCR Airless bottle utilizes Post Consumer Recycled plastic, offering skincare brands both a reliable pack, and the opportunity to reuse waste plastic.

    PCR Airless bottles benefit from 2 layers. The strong outer wall of the PCR-PE bottle is 55% PCR, protecting an inner EVOH+PE pouch which contracts and separates evenly from the exterior wall when the product is dispensed. The combination of EVOH with PE provides a hermetic environment that is compatible with even the most delicate formulations.

    So, no preservatives are required.
    Reliable, accurate dosage is ensured, with instant re-prime.
    And at any angle. Even up-side down.

    To ensure optimal quality and product safety of the pack, SR Packaging performs a two-step quality control. Vacuum suction is performed on each inner pouch to ensure that it contracts correctly in the bottle without rupture, whilst maintaining its 100% vacuum seal. Optical inspection equipment is also deployed to detect and remove any larger contaminant particles from the PCR for a more aesthetic finish.

    PCR Airless bottles can be produced in many sizes and volumes. SR Packaging's tooling capability offers unlimited bottle styles; diamond, square, soft-edge cube and more...

    And it's not just bottles. The SR Packaging’s PCR Airless tottles offer another option for skincare and cosmetics. Unlike conventional tottles, product residue is minimized, so the consumer benefits from full usage.
    The company also has PCR Airless Tubes - providing brands with a range of PCR airless pack choices.

    Innovating in packaging design, SR Packaging's PCR Airless bottles maintain cosmetics in optimal condition - perfectly balancing functionality within a sustainable packaging solution.


  • The start, the progress, and the future of SR Packaging’s sustainable plan

    SR Packaging was founded in 1989, the same year that The Langkawi Declaration on the Environment was issued, people were informed of concerns of global warming, land degradation, marine pollution, species extinctions, and such. The outcry of struggling for “Sustainable development”, “Environmental-friendly”, “Save the Earth” were everywhere.

    Today, SR Packaging is fully committed to sustainable plastic production by innovating packaging design. It’s not an overnight change, and the commitment is not any marketing campaign. It’s a responsibility behind profitable corporate growth, a real cost beyond calculation that needs to be considered.

    The action started in 2006 via collaborations with brands. The Body Shop was the first company contacted SR Packaging and looked for post-consumer recycled solutions. Since then, SR Packaging initialized its long term plan of converting all its plastic materials to be available with post-consumer recycled resin, and at the same time, adopts biodegradable materials for the next alternative... With years of development, thanks to the advanced technology, earlier in 2019, SR Packaging completes another task of creating PCR Airless Bottle which is believed to be the first in the world.

    While solving environmental problems of skincare and toiletry packaging, the team of SR Packaging also sensed the need to help makeup companies to develop greener solutions for consumers. The team has a schedule of creating packaging based on the recycled pulp for makeup items such as eyeshadow compacts, lip gloss bottles, lipstick case, and many products that are packed with complex packaging design or heavily decorated components that are either difficult or unable to be recycled.

    The process and materials for packaging production evolve through time. What SR Packaging expects and commits is, by innovating packaging design, it will be able to program a better future with sustainable action.