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United States

In 1945, Clayton Corporation’s founder A. S. (Bunny) Lapin after becoming tired of the short shelf life of whipping cream, introduced the first aerosol whipped cream, packaged and sold under the brand name Reddi Wip®. Today, that vision has grown into a product category that sells over 700 million cans annually worldwide. That same vision and desire was passed from Bunny to his son Byron and then to Clayton’s current President/CEO Barry Baker who is tasked with continuing to grow the company through vision, innovation, and a commitment to customers.
Clayton’s focus on innovation and customers resulted in Clayton becoming the leader in valves for dispensing viscous and foaming products. Whether it’s a food, industrial building material, consumer, cosmetic or medical product, Clayton’s designs help build markets. Throughout our 73 year history, Clayton has been involved in all facets of aerosols as component supplier (valves, covers, accessories, dispensing systems, etc.), marketer, formulator, and filler. As a result, Clayton is well versed in all aspects of aerosol products. This superior experience and knowledge allows Clayton to provide the highest level of service, support and quality to our customers. With Clayton’s vision and assistance such aerosol markets as cheese, caking icing, cake frosting, pancake batter, sauces, PU foam, silicone, caulk, adhesives, shave cream, texture coatings, drain deplugger, hair gels, hair colors and others have come to fruition.
Clayton continues to apply that spirit of innovation and technical expertise towards developing the visions, concepts, prototypes and products that meet the needs of its customers and the aerosol market. Clayton has established as system for rapid design and development to quickly and effectively provide state-of–the-art solutions to solve complex aerosol problems. Its investments in people and technology help its customers to quickly capture the rapidly changing market trends by changing the time to develop and market new products from years to weeks.
Clayton focuses on its customers and markets with competencies including SQF and FDA approved manufacturing, California Prop 65 compliant product offerings, EPA safer Choice solutions and a history of aerosol product development. Clayton’s latest innovations include an all snap in plastic valve for plastic containers, a long distance spray system and an inert gas foam system. We believe aerosol products should have unlimited possibilities. Visit our booth or contact us to see what’s possible with your product. www.claytoncorp.com; info@claytoncorp.com
Reddi Wip® is a registered trademark of ConAgra Foods