Three Inspirational Conference Programs Dedicated to Packaging

Three conference programs, one location. The ADF&PCD & Pentawards Conferences feature award-winning design agencies and industry-leading beauty and personal care brands, delivering high quality and technical content designed for packaging professionals. Innovation, technology transfer and sustainable packaging are just some of the hot topics to be covered this year.

You will have the exclusive opportunity to meet, interact and exchange ideas with the speakers. It is the one time of the year you will get to spend quality time with your industry peers and learn from the best of the industry.

New: Pentawards Conference

The Pentawards are recognised as the most prestigious worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design. The Pentawards Gala, to celebrate awards winners, will be held at the Guggenheim but we welcome you to join the Pentawards Conference as part of your ADF&PCD entrance ticket.

All Star Line Up of Aerosol, Dispensing & Packaging Design Experts

Pentawards conference

Laurent hainault

Laurent Hainaut

force majeure
matthieu aquino

Matthieu Aquino
VP, Global Beverage Design & Brand Experience

Joanthan Ford

Jonathan Ford                                    CEO


Julie Fredrickson                                CEO


ADF Conference


Bernard Felten
Front End Innovation, Packaging


Jeff Townsend
Category Head for Hair
Color & Aerosol Packaging


Alexander Hinterkopf                          Managing Director

steve caldeira

Steve Caldeira                          President & CEO


PCD Conference


Marisol Simard


Deanna Utroske


Marianne Rosner Klimchuk                  Chair / Communication                           Design Pathways Department


Antonia Burrell

UK Celebrity Esthetician


The Aerosol & Dispensing (ADF) Conference

The Aerosol & Dispensing Conference 2018 will be exploring exciting problematics, that will help you overcome your everyday challenges, including:

  • Regional and National Market trends
  • Aerosol technologies, technical advances and innovations
  • The future of the global aerosol industry
  • Eco-design and sustainable developments

Some of our confirmed speakers include Jeff Townsend (L'Oréal USA), Steve Caldeira (Household & Commercial Products Association), Peter Lamboy (LPC), Bernhard Felten (Beiersdorf), Scott Carpenter (Formulated Solutions), Detlev Melcher (Aerosol Europe), Alexander Hinterkopf (Hinterkopf GmbH), and many other big names of the industry. 

Aerosol Europe

The Packaging of Perfume Cosmetics & Design (PCD) Conference

The Packaging & Cosmetic Design Conference 2018 will debate on the "Packaging Renaissance 2018-2020", through the following panel debates and keynote sessions:

  • Interactive workshop in collaboration with FIT
  • Is Tech Fuelling a Renaissance in Packaging Design?
  • Indie Brand Packaging sets the stakes high - Lunch & Learn session
  • Beauty's Mini Revolution: The Big Business of Tiny Packages

Some of our confirmed speakers include Marisol Simard (Dandelion Clocks), Marianne Rosner Klimchuk (Fashion Institute of Technology), Sylvie Giret (Skinergies), Deanna Utroske (, Antonia Burrell (Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare), Dexter Cheston (DexterDexterDexter) and many other big names of the industry. 


The Pentawards Conference

Pentawards Winners Exhibit
Pentawards Conference

Where the heroes of packaging design inspire, this is a conference like no other. In a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ line-up of global award-winning packaging design gurus, pioneers and disruptors, these design leaders will share experiences and provide the community with a vision of their future and how to tackle it.

Established in 2007, the Pentawards is the first and most prestigious worldwide competition, devoted exclusively to packaging design in all of its forms.

Each year, packaging from around the world is judged by an international jury of 12 highly respected designers, packaging design directors and marketing chiefs from major global brands.

By participating in the Pentawards, packaging designers, design students, brand-owners and packaging producers have the opportunity to compare their creations to those from around the world.

The winners receive bronze, silver, gold and platinum Pentawards. The ‘Best of the Show’ receives the unique Diamond Pentaward.

Each year, trophies are awarded in a different city in Europe, Asia or the Americas, at an official ceremony which hosts hundreds of designers from around the world, and provides a unique opportunity to meet and exchange ideas.

The 2018 gala ceremony will be held in New York.  Entries for the 12th edition of the Pentawards will open on the 5 February until 23 March.

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