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Easyfairs is celebrating its 25 years anniversary this year!

Success is a journey, not a destination.

Nothing Beats the Human Touch

It seems the more we engage with each other digitally, the more we crave the human touch. A first meeting, a face, a handshake, a physical encounter: these stick in the memory. Live events are platforms for establishing relationships and building trust.

5 Key Success Factors

At Easyfairs we understand that we must constantly reinvent ourselves to succeed. We started out as the events industry’s disrupter and we will carry on disrupting through our five success factors: customer-centricity, easify, a fully integrated and scalable platform, talent and technology.

A Great Place to Work

Life in events is … eventful! At Easyfairs having fun is one of our core values. We started out as the events industry’s disrupter and we understand that we must constantly reinvent ourselves to succeed. So there’s never a dull day at Easyfairs.

Sustainable Growth

Consistent year-on-year double-digit organic growth puts Easyfairs in an excellent position to make strategic acquisitions. Our is not an “either or” growth policy. It’s a “both and” growth policy!

Proud to be Best Managed Company 2023 - fifth year in a row!

We are delighted and proud to announce that Easyfairs has retained the BMC label. A meaningful award given by Deloitte. The programme recognises privately owned and controlled companies setting the highest standards of business performance.

We’d like to thank our 700 talents for securing this accolade for a fifth successive year. It is a credit to the innovation, adaptability and resilience Easyfairs demonstrates in the face of an ever-changing environment and market. 

We’d also like to thank Deloitte Private and their partners Econopolis and KU Leuven.

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We bring people together and excite them with truly life-changing experiences. Creating the ideal environment for doing business, learning about new trends and innovations, and cementing relationships. Discover our unique mission, vision and values.

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Everything we do at Easyfairs is done with fun and designed to bring business, professional and social communities together. Our events are not “small” or “large” they are simply… the right multi-format fit for your community!

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Our network of venues in Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden serve as flexible, technologically advanced platforms for hosting Easyfairs and guest events: exhibitions and trade shows, conferences, concerts and sporting events. Whatever the occasion, we promise a great experience and a warm welcome.

Latest News

Easyfairs announces 19% increase in revenues; EBITDA up 25%

Easyfairs 2022-23 revenues grew to €193.8 million, an increase of 19% on the previous year. Recurring EBITDA hit €35.6 million, an increase of 25% on 2021-22.The results see Easyfairs moving up to number 11 in the Stax Top 20 ranking of world exhibition organisers by 2022 revenues.

Easyfairs and QUiCKFairs join forces to form powerful partnership

This strategic acquisition adds two key events, namely Coiltech in Italy and Coiltech in Germany to the Easyfairs portfolio, serving niche, industrial B2B communities. 

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