Conference overview

Conference overview

The programme of Transport & Logistics will contain different themes like e.g.: Assets state of the art, Chinese market opportunities and innovations.

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Logistics Wallonia

Logistics in Wallonia

Wallonia, Land of logistics: Assets state of the art & Chinese market opportunities.


ISCN - Alex Van Breedam

From Mental to Modal shift!

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Willis Towers Watson

Innovative risk mitigation in Transport & Logistics

In this presentation you will learn more about transport of dry and liquid products in bulk by road, followed by the issues and liabilities of logistics partners. The next topic is about increasing possibilities in theft prevention of cargo and equipment and the final topic will be about issues related to multimodal transport.

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Innovaties in Transport

In this presentation you will learn more about innovations. There will be 4 speakers who will talk about different topics. You will learn about the new concept of transport over water called "Watertruck+" which allows us to navigate with smaller volumes and in convoy over the European waters. 



Innoverend rekruteren in logistiek.


VIP Lunch with Karel De Gucht

De ongezouten mening van Karel De Gucht