Stage 2 - Material & Innovations

X Meeting Point
Oslo, Norge
20 - 21/09/2017

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Wednesday - 20 September

Thursday - 21 September

9am - 10am | 20 September

Tom Nordlie

For better or worse

In this open and honest lecture, Tom shows how awareness of your own skills and opportunities, combined with collective strength and potential, can take you wherever you want, regardless of what you're doing.

Tom Nordlie, Soccer trainer, mental coach, expert commentator, spekaer, 

12am - 1pm | 20 September

Bård Eker

Design industry

Bård Eker, CEO, Eker Design AS

1.30pm - 4.30pm | 20 September

Maria Strömme

Nanotechnology give materials that changes our industry, our society and our way to live. A nanorevolution has already started. 

The worlds population is getting older and we need to find sustainable solutions within all industries to ensure that our next generations will be able to have a good life. Maria will present how the nanotechnology can keep an aging population healthy, how forest kan be our new plastic or smart patches and how you can compete in formel 1 in a molecular level. Count on being educated, surprised and an optimist regarding our future.

Maria Strømme, professor of nanotechnology at the Department of Engineering Sciences, Nanotechnology and Functional Materials at Uppsala University