Stage 1 - Smart Factory

X Meeting Point
Oslo, Norge
20 - 21/09/2017

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Wednesday - 20 September

Thursday - 21 September

9.30am - 10am | 20 September

Jowan Österlund

Jowan Österlund, CEO, Biohax

12am - 1pm | 20 September

Digitizing - not a goal in itself

Digitizing is a very discussed notion and can easily be understand as a goal in itself and something you need to to to survive. We mean that the goal need to be increased sale and better margin. Digitizing is therefore necessary to be able to reach the goal. If you start in the wrong end it can be really expensive. 

Where should we start? What's does and don'ts? What does the automations processes do?

Kåre Kaasamoen, Product Manager, Jakob Hatteland Computers AS

10.30am - 11.30am | 21 September

Roger Schjerva

Is it possible to get the industry back to Norway?

The industry provides export revenues to the country and is important for research and development in the business sector. In the last 20 years the industry has been torn down. Germany has focused on digitizing the industry - a program called Industry 4.0, where the industry is being built up. Can we manage to get the industry back and how do we create an Industry 4.0 in Norway? What is required to building the country again?

Roger Schjerva, economist, IKT Norge

1.30pm - 2.30pm | 21 September

Oliver Barrowclough

Workflow and design software for additiv manufacturing

CAxMan – Computer Aided Technologies for Additve Manufacturing is aimed at analysis based design for additiv manufacturing. CAxMan developes shooting services aimed at design and simulation within additive production. The lecture will focus on CAxMan results so far and further plans in CAxMan.

Oliver Barrowclough, Research Scientist, SINTEF Digital