Exhibitor highlights


Emerson Automation Solutions

Emerson Automation Solutions will be launching TerminalManager, its single application for managing the commercial and operational aspects of a terminal.


Flyability will unveil the first collision-tolerant flying robot designed for industrial inspection professionals.



Implico Group

Implico Group will be introducing its new handheld solution for railcar handling.

Avalon Automation

Avalon Automation’s latest release of ALIAS, is a configurable TAS solution, which offers contracting, order management, scheduling, inventory control and more.

Systems Navigator

Systems Navigator will debut its new cloud solution – DROPBOARD. This assists liquid bulk terminals in planning, scheduling and operational logging.

HLP Group

HLP Group will introduce its new Twin Screw Pump, with a non-slip high efficiency screw profile.


Arflu has designed a new Dual Expanding Plug valve that eliminates the common problems that occur during operation.

Lightning Master

Lightning Master will display its movable arm grounding system – MAGS. This bypass conductor system for external floating roof tanks, is simple, gravity-powered and reliable.


Presserv will be presenting its proven solution for soil-side corrosion for tank floors and chime seal.

FNC Benelux

FNC Benelux has developed a new valve philosophy, which draws on efficient ideas taken from the automotive and the lean manufacturing world.

Apro Industrie

Apro Industrie will present Alucovers, its new brand of aluminium structures and roofs.


Chubb’s E-FOAM system combines advanced flow measurement technology, modern electronics, clever system design and sound engineering.


FSP-Tech is showcasing its tank safety showers for indoor and outdoor applications.


Agidens has developed ALINE, a Terminal Management System that offers real-time data gathering, business and process integration, plus safety and contamination control.


Verwater will be displaying its full spectrum of industrial and tank-related maintenance and project services, such as jacking, civil works, piping and mechanical, turnarounds and E&I.


Araani’s SmokeCatcher is a patented reliable early warning system for smoke detection in critical indoor environments.

Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG

Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG will be exhibiting its pre-insulated pipes, which are ideally suited for those involved in the chemistry and oil/gas/LNG-transfer industries.

Kiwa Inspecta Nederland B.V.

Kiwa Inspecta Nederland B.V. will be discussing its range of inspections, including existing installations, pipes and buildings.