85055 Ingolstadt

ENDEGS Mobile Vapor Combustors offer the latest in VOC , HAP and odor destruction technology.
ENDEGS develops new procedures and performs new applications for emission destruction during maintenance activities, load / unload applications and as back up vapor control for planned or emergency shutdowns of terminal loading racks, tank farms, vessels and other structures .
Our service provides state-of-the -art destruction >99,9% of harmful compounds with eminent odor and / or dangerous gasses and vapors quickly and efficiently with no interruption of routine client operations. ENDEGS' mobile VCU are highly effective and can be mobilized anywhere for short or long-term projects.


Product news

  • ENDEGS Services

    Our team has strong international experience in operating refineries, pipelines and tank farms.
    ENDEGS provides expert advice in safety issues, procedures and project preparation:
    • Turnkey degassing projects
    • Customized Solutions
    • HAZOP
    • Risk Assessment
    • Emissions Surveys
    • VOC measurements
    ENDEGS is the only certified company being following the SCCP Standards for the degassing issues. (Safety Certificate Contractors Petrochemistry)


  • ENDEGS' Mobile Vapor Combustion Units

    ENDEGS 'Mobile Vapor Combustion Units:
    No visual flame – no odor - no ground level radiation - no smoke - low noise - minimal set up work on site - less space required - no impact on the neighborhood - no clean up after job is done - full complement of safety equipment.

    ENDEGS has successfully carried out degassing for many facilities in Europe storing products like Ammonia, Butadiene, Styrene, n-Hexane, Crude oil, Slop, Gasoline, Metaxylen, Naphtha, ETBE, 85% Ethanol, Benzene, BTEX...



  • ENDEGS : Service with Mobile Vapor Combustion Units

    Our fleet of Mobile Vapor Combustion Units is made for:
    - COV & others HAP
    - Combustion of flammable or non flammable waste gases
    - For fast variations in vapor composition or flow
    Under nitrogen-, CO2-, air- and vapor atmospheres.


  • ENDEGS develops and innovates continuously for safety & for a better environment

    2016: ENDEGS expands and creates its centre of development and maintenance in Pförring nearby Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Germany.

    2013: Establishment of ENDEGS B.V. in Stellendam near Europoort Rotterdam, the centre of technical support for Benelux.

    2012: Establishment of ENDEGS France Sarl in Feyzin / Lyon.

    2007: Foundation of ENDEGS GmbH (Environmental Degassing Services) in
    Ingolstadt / Bayern, the centre for the development, construction and update of the units.