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Tank Storage Magazine is the world's leading publication dedicated 100% to the bulk liquid storage industry and the official publication for StocExpo and Tank Storage events globally. It is read by terminal managers, senior engineers, logistics/distribution managers and CEOs within oil, gas and petrochemical facilities as well as third party terminal operators and oil trading companies. Each issue contains a range of articles on terminal safety and the latest technologies, designed to inform and educate terminal operators on best practices within the sector.

This is supplemented by the latest news on terminal expansions and developments around the globe. Each edition also examines a particular region in detail, covering the main trends, drivers, challenges, legislation and regulations, and an interview with a key terminal operator. As of 2012, Tank Storage magazine is independently audited giving our advertisers peace of mind that their message is reaching the industry's decision-makers - guaranteed.

Media Partners & Associations

Oferta diaria de empleos en los sectores marítimo-portuario y logístico Noticias, Buques, Empresas, Puertos, Aduanas, Eventos …

Daily Offer of jobs into the maritime, port and logistics sectors News, Vessels, Companies, Ports, Customs, Events …

ACTUALIDAD MARITIMA Y PORTUARIA is an initiative of the students and teachers of the International Master in Maritime & Port Administration (UIMP-ENIC)

Send to us your job offers and will be published totally FREE in a professional and specialized mean


ASPRI was formed in 1997 (previously known as the Process Industry Contractors’ Association Singapore, or PICAS).

In Singapore, the process industry refers to the petroleum, petrochemical, specialty chemical and pharmaceutical clusters.

Today ASPRI has over 460 members. Member companies offer specialized services in plant construction and plant maintenance to the process plant owners.

ASPRI’s mission is to assist members to achieve business excellence through training, mechanisation, system integration and internationalisation. Its primary role is to promote a tripartite partnership among the government, plant owners and the Engineering Service Providers (its members).

ASPRI is a Accredited Training Provider (ATP) of Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and a Skills Assessment Centre (SAC) of Institute of Technical Education (ITE). In Dec 2008, ASPRI established a training division, ASPRI-Institute of Process Industry (ASPRI-IPI) which is a Continuing Education Centre (CET) certified by Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

For more information visit www.aspri.com.sg

EIN Presswire has a distribution "foot-print" that includes millions of users of our EIN Newsdesk media monitoring services. We also maintain one of the world's leading media directories providing us with up-to-date contacts for media in every country and U.S. state. Further distribution is achieved via RSS, email, partner websites, and social media. We are both a destination (EIN Newsdesk) and a distributor (EIN Presswire) for news. In one place you can distribute your news to the targeted audiences you select and monitor news on that topic published by thousands of worldwide sources.

For more information or to try us FREE, please visit www.einpresswire.com/free

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Innovation embodies the true driving force of growth in the Oil and Gas sector, innovation. We are a trusted, established and expert voice in this constantly changing industry. Always on top of the latest trends with in depth analysis of innovative technologies for the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors. We pride ourselves in bringing industry related trends, news and results to our worldwide readers which is otherwise difficult to obtain. We do a great job highlighting your technology, which our readers want and need.

Oil&Gas tech

Oil & Gas Technology connects growth and western markets across the oil and gas industry. We provide technology news, exclusive interviews with industry insiders and analysis for upstream, downstream and pipeline sectors as well as a global jobs vertical. Register now to receive our weekly newsletters and e-Magazines at no cost.


Oilfield Directory.ae specialized in Middle East & worldwide is the only authentic data reference business networking with entrepreneurs and top management. It's a World Class Business Handbook Guide for connecting you to your target Clients.

"Increase your business with Oilfield Directory! Here we would like to connect our worldwide buyers, suppliers, traders, importers and exporters' commercial networking leads..."

Our Business Objectives are:

Business networking with principals & decision makers, business leaders and manufacturers that are looking to enhance and established their presence in the Middle East region, to facilitate agencies and dealerships.


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