EasyGo Packages

As an exhibitor you will either have an EasyGo Plus, EasyGo Visibility or EasyGo Leads packages. There are a number of benefits included in your EasyGo package. Please scroll down this page and click on the images to watch the video. If you have any questions please contact lisa@stocexpo.com


As an exhibitor you can select either an EasyGo Visibility, EasyGo Leads or EasyGo Plus package. Select your package of choice to raise visibility, generate contacts or do both while also achieving maximum brand awareness, online and onsite.


With EasyGo you can now receive a real-time sms alert to notify you when your business contact is entering the event. Enter your mobile number in your MyEasyfairs account to receive real time alerts when someone who registered through your unique link/invitation arrives at the show. Don't miss important customers and meetings anymore! 


On our website, there is a page of industry topics under which visitors can post questions. If you can provide an answer, you can reply as an expert to the visitor and start a conversation before the event. In your My Easyfairs account, simply click on the Ask the Expert Forum on the right hand side to choose which topic activity you would like to be notified about


All visitors will have a smart badge. When they visit our event, there is no need to lug lots of heavy brochures around! Their badge will act as a ‘virtual event bag’, which when touched on an exhibitor’s badge reader will store a list of exhibitors. All you need to do as an exhibitor is ensure that your profile on your My Easyfairs account is up to date, as this is the information that visitors will receive.

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