Trade show for pump systems and equipment for industrial processing
Antwerp Expo
Antwerp, Belgium
21 - 22/03/2018

Pumps & Valves 2018

Interested to be part of Pumps & Valves 2018?

Pumps & Valves 2018 is the most important Belgian meeting for pumps, valves and industrial processing of liquids and gases.

  • You will stay informed about the latest innovations, will increase the efficiency of your maintenance processes in this way and will assure the reliability, service life and earning power of your machinery.
  • You will save time and will discover the activities of more than 350 relevant sector peers thanks to the Digital Innovation Tour.
  • You can brush up your knowledge based on 11 master classes covering, for example, corrosion, maintenance strategy, industry 4.0, safety and more in which end users and contractors give practical examples.

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For all your questions, please contact:

Steven Duytschaever

Account manager
+32 3 280 53 49