Interview: Jason Galley

Jason Galley, Manufacturing Director, Ball Aerocan


Tell me a little about yourself...
Husband, father of three, huge sports and music fan, living in the beautiful English countryside. Jason has spent the last 26 years in the metal packaging industry. He has held various roles within Engineering and Operations and is currently Ball Aerocan Europe’s Director of Global Innovation and Business Development. Ball Corporation’s global technological expertise, paired with Aerocan’s aerosol market experience, makes Ball Aerocan the go-to partner for major aerosol marketers and fillers. Ball Aerocan continues to successfully launch proprietary innovations, including printing technologies and ReAl® - a lightweight canmaking process using recycled aluminium. These innovations have led to industry recognition, such as the Canmaker Magazine ‘Can of the Year’ Award, and Aerobal’s ‘World Aluminium Aerosol Can Award,’ Asia Can Tech Award, and the Paris Aerosol Forum ‘Certificate of the Jury for Innovation,’ among others.

What are you hoping for from the show?
To excite new and existing customers about the possibilities for their brands

What do you think you can bring our audience?
Fresh perspective on how the aerosol can package can be used to drive sales

What are your work challenges? How do you overcome them?
No shortage of ideas – the challenge is to select the right ones to bring to market quickly and smoothly

Where do you see the industry going in the next 5-10 years?
Towards greater end-consumer choice

Where does your passion come from?
Knowing that what we can conceptualise and believe in can be brought to fruition with the right steps and ingredients – talent being the main one.

What worries you most?
Worry is imagined, seldom real. I fill my head with positive possibilities instead.

Who are your mentors, your heroes, and your predecessors?
Mentors and predecessors thin on the ground - a new role created in 2016. Heroes - there aren’t too many of those either - anyone with good ideas, sound ethics and a belief in what they can achieve.

Jason Galley will speak on Wednesday 6 September at 2:30pm.