ADF&PCD New York 2017
The Altman Building & Metropolitan Pavilion
New York City, United States
September 6-7, 2017
North America’s only dedicated event for the aerosol, dispensing, perfume and cosmetic packaging community

ADF&PCD New York returns to Manhattan on September 6-7, 2017

Where suppliers of aerosols, dispensing systems and innovative packaging solutions meet with multi-sector technical experts, buyers & influencers from the perfume and cosmetics packaging community.

An unrivalled opportunity to:

  • Generate immediate sales leads
  • Increase your 2018 pipeline
  • Discover new revenue streams
  • Strengthen your customer base
  • Increase market share and position your business as an industry pioneer!

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ADF & PCD New York - aisle picture

In the U.S., the landscape is totally different to that of Europe and this event bridges the gap as an exchange to begin building a community to find innovation, solutions and inspiration together to develop new ideas.

Bernhard Felten - Global Packaging Research & Development, Beiersdorf AG

For its inaugural show ADF&PCD New York has shown to bring in major players in the industry, we hope to continue our participation as it grows in the future.

James Slowey - Vice President Sales & Marketing, Baralan USA

ADF&PCD New York is poised to become the leader in the US cosmetics packaging market!

Bruno Savage - COO, Seram

We found the inaugural ADF&PCD New York event a fantastic platform for addressing the industry, it is also a great forum for further learning and information gathering

Jay Bargas – Director of Marketing, DH Bowles

Join the 120 innovative solution providers who will be helping the community to overcome their technical and marketing challenges

ADF exhibitors include...

PCD exhibitors include...

  • American Spraytech
  • Aptar Pharma
  • BALL Corporation
  • CCL Container
  • Cosmetics & Perfume Filling
  • Exal Corporation
  • Hinterkopf
  • Koh I Noor
  • MBC aerosol
  • Power Container Corp
  • PPG Coatings
  • Sun chemical
  • Toyo Aerosol
  • ABA Packaging Corp
  • Airopack
  • B.I Packaging
  • Baralan
  • Colt Plastics
  • Decotech Inc
  • Fusion Packaging
  • Glaspray
  • Heinz Glas
  • Iggesund Paperboard
  • Quick Label
  • Seram
  • Stoelzle
  • Verescence