BUTIKSLEVERANTÖR 2013 gives you a complete package with everything you need. Whichever size stand you choose, it's all built and ready when you arrive. Just turn up and do business!

All-in-one stand:
Registration fee, floorspace, white walls, one electricity supply and daily cleaning

2013, we offer different furniture packages for different needs;

STANDARD - 1 spotlight per 4 square meters, grey carpet, ramp holding a sign with your company name, two chairs and a table.

XL PACKAGE - stands from 36kvm - 1 spotlight per 4 square meters, or a hockey lamp per 10 square meters, ramp holding a sign with your company name, two low chairs and one low table, a storage room 1x2 m with a door and a lock, a tower brochure stand, a high table and two bar stools and a desk.

UNFURNISHED PACKAGE - stands from 36kvm - Optional color on the carpet, corner stand fee, online 365 and booster pack.

Visitor promotion: easyFairs® gives you a complete programme of highly
targeted promotional activities. We work in close cooperation with prominent trade magazines and media. We also help you maximise opportunities by giving you FREE Marketing Tools including a variety of online and traditional communications tools to raise your visibility before, during and after the show.


Module 12 m2 SEK 33,900
Module 16 m2 SEK 40,700
Module 20 m2 SEK 50,900
Module 24 m2 SEK 61,100

When ordering a corner stand there is a SEK 3,500 surcharge. There is a maximum order of four modules per trade show. All prices are exclusive of VAT. The Online365 Pack™ is mandatory for registered exhibitors from 1 of jan 2012.


Onsite Promo Packs
Introducing the new search engine that gathers all easyFairs exhibitors, regardless of show and country, a major supplier directory. The result? You will have a unique opportunity for exposure, not only during the show but 365 days a year. Your company will be searchable from the day you book your stand until 3 months after the fair.
Find out more here >>

Online365 Pack™
A new search engine that gathers all easyFairs’ exhibitors, whatever the trade fair or country, in one large supplier catalogue, is now being launched. The result? You will have a unique marketing opportunity, not just during the trade fair but for 365 days a year. Your company is searchable from the day that you book your stand until 3 months after the fair.
Price: SEK 1950 (mandatory for each registered exhibitor)
Read more at www.easyFairs.com/online365

Boost your participation!
Put your logo in the exhibitor catalogue on the fair’s website, in the e-mail campaign, on the visitor map during the fair and on the welcome page on the website.
Price: SEK 4950
Read more at www.easyFairs.com/boosterpack

Sales executive
Therese Söderström
Phone: +46 (0)31 89 95 33
E-mail: therese.soderstrom@easyfairs.com

Sales executive
Maria Geterud
Phone: +46 (0)31 89 41 71
E-mail: maria.geterud@easyfairs.com

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