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22/04 - 2014
The Competition and Consumer Protection Bill 2014 is intended to introduce major reforms in consumer protection, the grocery goods sector and media mergers. Can we actually believe that there will finally be real regulation in the grocery sector or is this simply another step in the unending cycle of promises that has come from the government on the issue? Fionnuala Carolan reports
22/04 - 2014
Within recent living memory, the capabilities of electronic point of sale (EPOS) solutions have multiplied dramatically. With this in mind, ShelfLife spoke to both some of the country's leading retail technology suppliers and retailers' IT experts, to discover how you can ensure your store doesn't lag behind in customers' perceptions
22/04 - 2014
Building a relationship with a professional distribution and marketing agency can make your business more efficient and keep you informed of key promotions in order to stay competitive and drive sales
22/04 - 2014
Impulse purchasing is a major driver within soft drinks, meaning brands constantly need to copper-fasten their USPs within consumers' minds. Thankfully, the category leaders have more than stepped up to the mark with new flavour innovations, engaging on-pack promotions and tempting price-marked packs. Gillian Hamill reports
17/04 - 2014
Currently worth EUR109 million, Ireland's ice cream category is thriving, despite a pronounced lack of scorchingly sunny days. In fact, Ireland is actually the third biggest consumer of ice cream in Europe, with both the impulse and take-home sectors performing well. Employing effective point of sale materials and merchandising this summer can entice your customers to cool down with an 'affordable luxury' treat, writes Gillian Hamill

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