Advanced Engineering

Together with the BARA (British Automation and Robot Association), we have launched a new show area dedicated to leading players in the UK's automation and robot engineering community. As the UK’s annual leading engineering exhibition, we strive to continue to bring the newest and most innovative products and solutions to the show.

What you can expect in this zone

The BARA (British Automation and Robot Association) feature area will educate and inform as to why robots and automation is the key element in helping realise tomorrow’s factories today.
The feature area will highlight members capabilities, very latest products and services.

About BARA

BARA (British Automation and Robot Association) provides a voice for the Robot and Automation Industries, when dealing with government, industry, financial and academic institutions.

The aim of the BARA is to promote the use of, and assist in the development of Industrial Robots and Automation in British industry. In 2009 BARA joined forces with the PPMA (Processing & Packaging Machinery Association) to become a special interest focus group and has gathered more influence, members and provide more support to the end-user community.