Live Hack

Get a demonstration of a real hack - these methods are the ones that the attackers uses. IT security specialist Jonathan James from Atea demonstrates live how attackers take control of sensitive information.

Jonathan James, IT security specialist, Atea


Innovation Area

The Innovation Area offers what you still can not find on the market. Come here and try, feel and experience what Sweden's innovation centers are working with right now. To find the visions of the future that will soon become a reality.

                                         Meet for example:


Explore the modern hybrid ward in Lund at the fair


Take a closer look at hybrid ward which opened in Lund, June 2011. The hybrid ward is a combination of high-tech X-ray laboratory and operating room. In the future it will become increasingly common in large hospitals. You will be able to look at pictures and get information from representatives that will attend the fair. In addition, we will have live broadcasts from within the hybrid ward.

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