Ready-made stand module, all-inclusive price

There are four different sizes of stand module to choose from at IT-MESSEN.

Each module includes: floor space, white walls, blue carpeting, spotlights, electricity supply, two chairs, one table, display board with the name of your company, cleaning, 1000 free tickets and company name and stand number in the exhibitor register. Whichever size stand you choose, everything is ready when you arrive. Just turn up and do business!

Module package in four sizes:
12 m2 - NOK 39,600
15 m2 - NOK 41,400
18 m2 - NOK 49,500
24 m2 - NOK 66,100

When ordering a corner stand there is a NOK 3,500 surcharge. There is a maximum order of four modules per trade show. All prices are exclusive of VAT.
The Online365 Pack™ is obligatory for registered exhibitors.

Optimum visibility
Increase your page views by up to ten times and increase the click-through frequency to your website by up to three times.

ONLINE365 PACK™ A new search engine that gathers all easyFairs’ exhibitors, whatever the trade fair or country, in one large supplier catalogue, is now being launched. The result? You will have a unique marketing opportunity, not just during the trade fair but for 365 days a year. Your company is searchable from the day that you book your stand until 3 months after the fair. Price: NOK 1950 (obligatory for each registered exhibitor) Read more at

BOOSTER PACK™ Boost your participation! Put your logo in the exhibitor catalogue on the fair’s website, in the e-mail campaign, on the visitor map during the fair and on the welcome page on the website. Price: NOK 4950 Read more at

easyFairs' trade show format is unique. At one low cost you get a complete all-in package that includes everything. No extra fees, no surprises! It's simple, quick - and time & cost-effective.

Exhibitor tools
So that the right visitors find their way to your stand, we will help you maximise your opportunities for a successful trade show. Apart from the free tickets, you also receive planning and communication tools to help with your marketing before, during and after the trade show.

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