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Malmö, Sweden
24 - 25/01/2018

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AddSecure - AddSecure Link - IoT made easy
Connecting things can mean enormous advantages but also comes with risks. For example in the form of unauthorized access to the information or the device. These risks can be low or they can be high - ...
Safetron AB - Safetron Motor lock series 6000
Safetron motor lock 6000 series is our quickest and the most advanced motor lock. 6000 -series locks/unlocks in less than 0.2 seconds and therefore no separate day lock is required for high-frequency...
Idesco - 8 CD 2.0 Display
RFID reader with a display enables many cool things; e.g. visual feedback about a system’s state or a user’s transponder status. With its programmable function keys you can also control fire or bu...