We’ve never exhibited before – and we’re a bit nervous. What should we do on the day?

There is a first time for everything, so don’t worry! It could be that there is a kick-off meeting before your show, in which case, be sure to attend. In general, remember to get off your stand. Meet and greet in the aisle – but without being aggressive. And make sure you get contact details for follow up. A drop box for business cards is a good idea, but it is even better if you keep notes of who you met and what their particular interests are.

I’ve invested in a stand. What should I do next?

First, remember easyFairs will take care of the practical issues. So you can focus on business. We recommend that you start by developing a marketing action plan. Decide exactly what you want to achieve from your participation (e.g. sales, leads, interactions) – set yourself objectives that are ambitious but achievable.

How do I promote my presence at a show?

First, take a look at all the tools that easyFairs offers you such as free invitations, email, logo banners, show newsletter etc. Visitor promotion is part of the deal so don’t miss out. Align your promotional strategy to your marketing plan (i.e. what you want to achieve from your participation). Divide your promotional strategy into three phases: pre-show, at-show and post-show. Remember that people are exposed to a lot of competitive messages so it’s best to develop a strong communications theme around your participation (e.g. this might be a product launch or a special offer) and pursue it consistently.

Who should I invite to an easyFairs show?

Invite all your customers and prospects! If you don’t, your competitors probably will, and that will be a missed opportunity for you. easyFairs will provide as many invitations as you need. If you don’t have time to send them, provide your list to easyFairs and we will send them on your behalf (we guarantee to protect your data).

Should I send printed or electronic invitations?

We strongly recommend that you send both, on the basis that some people take more notice of printed invitations, while others are more likely to respond to an electronic one.

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