Can I have the same stand next year?

We generally change the floor plan each year as this encourages greater visitor circulation (just as supermarkets often change the location of some product categories in the store). To secure an equivalent (or even better!) position, we recommend that you reserve a stand for next year’s show onsite. You will then have a month to confirm the booking.

What objectives should we set ourselves at the show?

It depends on your company and your products. Of course, the ideal is to make sales onsite, but that isn’t always realistic, especially if you are selling big-ticket items with a long sales cycle. But here are some objectives you could think about:
1. Make entirely new sales on site
2. Increase business with existing customers
3. Find new buyers/generate leads within your existing market
4. Enter new vertical (industry) markets
5. Enter new geographical markets (especially if it is an easyFairs show abroad)
6. Launch new products
7. Meet or recruit sales agents or distributors

What should we say in the show catalogue?

It’s all too easy just to insert a company blurb such as the press release boilerplate, or your corporate mission statement. Instead, think about the visitor audience and craft your message accordingly, subject to limits on word count etc. Don’t waste this additional piece of free advertising!

We had a good show. How do we keep up the momentum?

First and foremost, follow up on your leads promptly after the show. It is a good idea to follow up again with the people you missed three or six months later. Track the leads and the sales that came about as a result of your participation – measure the ROI. Celebrate successes, but think what you could change to do even better next time!

How can I get my message to non-attendees?

A trade show attracts interest before and after, as well as during the event. Many people pre-register for a show but, for one reason or another, don’t show up. Ask us about how to reach the “no-shows”. Also, a trade show is a good occasion to make announcements to the press – so prepare a press release and other PR material, especially if you have some news to share such as a product launch.

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