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The new generation in lightweight construction

The CON-Foam™ board consists of a high-quality interlinked foam and two PP foils thermally linked with one another. There is a whole series of converting possibilities that make CON-Foam™ a hight variable material for a wide range of applications.

CON-Foam™ is environmentally-friendly and recyclable.

CON-Pearl® sheet

The environmentally-friendly lightweight plastic board made of polypropylene.

CON-Pearl®contains the specific experience of our production technology with a long tradition of success in the sectors of plastics processing and finishing based on plastic.
CON-Pearl®, the lightweight board made of polypropylene - 100% recycable. The basic material for CON-Pearl®consists of a 3-dimensionally formed middle layer on which a smooth layer of plastic is laminated on both sides. Thermal deformation of the middle foil creates a bubble structure with innumerable cavities and this is the basic principle that the product properties of this PP trilaminate is premised upon: very low weight, major rigidity and excellent damping behaviour.


- easy processing
- 100% recyclable
- extremely flexible
- food grade
- thermally and acoustically insulating
- low weight
- non-corrosive and free of rotting

Fields of application:

Due to its ideal material properties and possibilities of shape, CON-Pearl is the perfect material for a wide variety of application such as:

- multiway packagings
- plastic sleeves for all common pallet and packaging systems
- packagings for machine and device parts
- stiffening, inserts and intermediate layers in vehicle
construction and logistics
- lightweight cases, flight cases
- material for the building sector such as moisture insulation, a
barrier against pressurised water, screening, wall and floor
protection, movable partitions
- partitions and display walls

Delivery programm:

- board width: up to 2.000mm
- board length: up to 5.500mm
- board thickness: 3,5 to 11mm
- weight: from 650 g/m² to 4000 g/m²
- colour: all colours similar to RAL or Pantone

Additional realizations:

- electrostatically conductive
- flame-retarding
- can be laminated with a wide range of materials like e.g.
fleece, foam
- structured, embossed board surface
- sealing of edges for hygenic applications
- printable
- UV-resistant

CON-Pearl® sleeve

Plastic Sleeve suitable for all common plastic pallet systems.

Product characteristics:

lightweight board made of Polypropylene, talcum-reinforced
high degree of rigidity due to the typical honeycomb structure
excellent tearing-, impact- and compression resistance,
excellent flexural strength
low tare weight (3.000gr/m² as standard or other grammage
on request)
customised colours according to RAL or Pantone
volume-reducible by "M"- or "Z"-folding
edge sealing
available in suitable sizes for all common plastic pallet systems

Additional realizations:

electrostatically conductive
low flammable
extra strong

Light Flow Box™

Reusable and volume-reducible bulk solids container

system bottom, lid and stacking frame made of PP composite
sleeve out of CON-Pearl®
pallet dimension 1200x800mm
dimensionally stable and torsion resistant


lateral or bottom discharge
label holders
with runners or alternatively with feet
sleeve is printable

Press releases

  • friedola TECH® GmbH

    friedola TECH® GmbH is a successful modern plastics processing company within a growing market in which ecology is as important as economy. Our customers are leading automobile manufacturers, food packers and globally trading specialists in their sectors. As a system supplier of quality products and components for the automotive industry, we have been working hand in hand with the development departments of our customers for decades.

    Our consultants with their specific expertise are already given support to our customers when a new product is being created in order to find the adequate applications: from planning, construction designs, manufacturing prototypes and tools and through the testing phase right down to readiness to go into series production. We work with state-of-the-art development tools and methods such as CATIA V4/V5, an extensive database, and special know-how in reprocessing recycled plastic materials.

    We continue our full-flown project guidance with the tireless search for enhancements in a relentless process of improvements to guarantee satisfied customers and technical progress. We combine that with absolute precision launch including the reliability of a quality-tested company, series production according to customised production plans and 'just in sequence' delivery anywhere in the world.

Product news

  • Light Tech Box™

    economic, robust, flexible, safe and secure, ecologial

    CON-Pearl® revolutionised packaging technology in logistics and established itself as the benchmark with the Light Tech Box™. This box is lighter than the conventional transport containers and collapsible which minimizes space requirements by 80% when transporting empties. Greater benefits can be added to these environmental and cost arguments in handling. This closed box guarantee safe, clean and dust-free transport. It is also wet-prooff, insensitive to weather and very robust.

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