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What we seal ... holds!

Welcome to polystar® Hamburg. Rue to the principle of "There is nothing that cannot be improved", the Hanseatic company has been responsible for future orientated innovation for more than 45 years now.

Whether sterile, water and air tight, as a protection against dirt or as a sorting help: polystar® film sealing units are used throughout the world. No wonder! With our name we guarantee our safe polystar® thermal impulse principle or the permanently heated polystar® continuous rotary heat sealing technology.


Portable Impulse Tong Sealers: Impulse generator type 120 GE with tong 300 D

Portable Impulse Tong Sealers: Impulse generator type 120 GE with tong 300 D

Sometimes thick, sometimes thin, sometimes short, sometimes so long it is never ending...

The mobile polystar® tong sealer seals all sizes as well as small parts and the handling is easy and flexible. Long lengths can be easily joined together using seam-on-seam sealing. This model is suitable for sealing polyethylene film up to 2 x 0,30 mm thickness.

Mobile - Easy - Handy: You can reach anywhere!

All polystar® tong sealers use a special pressure switch for generating the heat impulse and a luminous diode for optical monitoring the working cycle.


Thermal Sealing Device  for composite foils: 235 HSG

Thermal Sealing Device for composite foils: 235 HSG

No matter whether aluminium or paper compounds: these packaging materials can be thermally sealed. The permanently heated sealing elements ensure reliable sealing: both air- and aroma-tight.

Thermal sealing: Nothing is easier!

he permanently heated polystar® Thermal Sealing Device is suitable for continual use. Modern incremental encoders and simple clamping of the sealing elements by pressing a foot pedal together with compact, robust construction guarantee secure crimp sealing seams. No matter whether with horizontal 6 grooves (standard), with 3 grooves for particularly thick composite foils or even with vertical grooves - sealing should always be as simple as this!

Important: The polystar® 235 HSG is not suitable for polyethylene bags.


Continuous Rotary Heat Sealers  for laminates: 400 DSM

Continuous Rotary Heat Sealers for laminates: 400 DSM

The specialist for laminates! Whether inside coated aluminium or paper bags: These polystar® continuous rotary heat sealers, seal all laminates securely together: air and aroma tight, secure against dirt.

Variety is our strength: We will pack it!

The permanent heating as well as the robust construction of the polystar® continuous rotary heat sealers enable trouble free continuous use, e.g. stainless steel models for foodstuff sectors, for sealing in aromas, for sealing on header cards, etc., on coated paper or aluminium bags up to a total thickness of approximately 0.80 mm, the required sealing seam security is retained via the imprinting rollers which are mounted spring-loaded.

Important: The polystar® 400 DSM are not suitable for polyethylene bags!


GALAXY Single Head Weighing System Type: R20-11N

GALAXY Single Head Weighing System Type: R20-11N

Reliable weighing: Simply and easy!

This single head weighing system is made of stainless steel and can be used for manual or automatic bagging of coffee beans, granulate, coated tablets, pills, small metal or plastic parts, etc into pouches or bags. This unit is simple to operate and to clean. Due to the compact design this weighing system is especially suitable for operation in small working areas. According to your requirements you can use this weighing system for manual or automatic operation.
Nothing can be easier!

- Compact unit
- Stainless steel
- Simply operation and maintenance
- Filling by two adjustable speeds
- Continuous adjustment of feeding speed

Polyethylene tube films

Polyethylene tube films

Polyethylene tube films
Continuously in use: Polyethylene tube films from polystar® are found wherever packing is carried out in rows.
No wonder! The transparent continuous rolls save time and enables bag lengths with "a view" to be freely defined. Due to high anti-tearing and moisture resistant properties, all tube films also offer an especially good protection for your packed goods on top of everything else. The best thing to do, is to ask for our current stock and price lists today!
Tube films made of polyethylene (LDPE) and rolled into small rolls each 25 m in length can be supplied in the following dimensions:
Width (in mm): 80, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300
Thickness (in µm) 50, 100, 150, 200
Large rolls of 150-500 m in length in common widths from 80 - 1,100 mm and thickness of 50 - 200 µm are also available from our stock at short notice.


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