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74990 Annecy Cedex 09


CGL Pack : creating custom-made packaging solutions - innovative, high-performance and responsible


A dedicated team for each project

more than 2 million packaging items manufactured each day


• Integrated design unit and research studio
• Integrated eco-design (modelling, eco-bilan 3x3...[ecological impact]) from design and concept stage.


• Working for eco design

Calculating mechanical resistance: optimising thickness
Process Simulation: optimising tooling
Laboratory controls: compression, scrap materials...


• Extrusion of PP – PS – APET : skills in the extruding techniques used for the internal production of our own raw materials • Integration of recycled materials (rPET), PET flakes • Design and manufacture of moulds
• All-purpose industrial tool: small to very long series • Workshops with grinders for the triage and recycling of scrap

> Our industrial resources
• 2 independent industrial sites
• 26 thermoforming production lines
• 3 extrusion lines
• 1 clean room
• pressurised workshops


blibool : counter

Blibool: Thekendisplays

blibool : counter displays
A range of thermoformed counter displays available from stock. An esthetical and convenient way to pack and promote your small products.
This display can be personalized through a cardboard all around the pack with different shapes and colours.
Material is rPET : a recycled PET

Iliko – Standardschalen für Lebensmittel

Iliko – Standardschalen für Lebensmittel

iliko food standard range
A standard range dedicated to take away and snack food
A PP range of 9 dimensions for hot goods
A R-PET range of 7 dimensions for fresh goods
A very designed shape made to enhance your products
The top can be removed thanks to a convenient system
The range can be personnalized by hand-cutting



PACK VISION CONCEPT : combining cardboard and thermoformed tray
patented innovation manufactured by cgl pack which respects the environment.

This new packaging concept combines cardboard and recycled plastic for better compliance with the environment.
There is no plastic window glued on the cardboard ; the plastic tray inside fits into the cardboard and acts as a protective window. Advantage of this : a component is saved.

PACK VISION allows positioning products "weightlessness" (as if they were maintained without any tray : in the air !). It allows the pack to be particulary well presented.

PACK VISION is the solution for a minimum use of cardboard and plastic: 1 carboard to communicate and 1 thermoformed tray inside in R-PET.

BLIBOX Standardprogramm

BLIBOX Standardprogramm

blibox range
more than 80 clamshells available from stock
material : rPET (recycled PET)
very transparent

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    Allgemeine Informationen über cgl pack

    Stand P30
    cgl pck
    74990 ANNECY CEDEX 09
    CGL PACK Deutschland
    77966 Kappel-Grafenhausen
    cgl pack is a major French actor of the packaging industry : 260 people with a turnover about 50 M€.
    We create and manufacture thermorming packages : bespoke packaging and standard ranges from clamshells to other food ranges. Our main specific market is food packaging but we are also working on other markets such as pharmacy, cosmetis, industry and non food products.
    We will exhibit on our stand our well known range of standard packaging : Blibox, as well as a range of counter displays: Blibool. We will also show our specific developments. We are already dealing with many German customers who appreciated our innovation capacity and the quality of our services. For more information please have a look at our internet site :

Product news

  • optimum cup

    optimum cup

    An ecological packaging solution developped by cgl pack, very usefull for hot or cold food products with a very attractive visual effect.
    This packaging is made of a specific tray with a large cardboard frame to communicate efficiently. No glue between the cardboard and the thermoformed tray : easy to recycle



    This convenient, attractive and very actual packaging is destinated to the"take away food" market. It combines a thermoformed tray and a cardboard case without any glue.

    Main advantages:
    Eco Optimized solution: lighter than an inject packaging,
    Increasing of best before date because of the using of barrier raw material
    Good thermical barrier thanks to the cardboard (micro-oven)
    Easy to recycle thanks to its two entirely separate components.

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