Booster Pack™

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With the All-in package and the Online365 Pack™, you have everything you need to exhibit. However, if you’d like to really stand out, and if you’d also like to raise your profile with professional communities before and after the show, we recommend that you select the BOOSTER PACK™ to meet and exceed your objectives. We’d like you to squeeze every opportunity out of your participation!

The Booster Pack™ will help you to:

  • Grab attention with pre-show email marketing
  • Drive more visitors to your stand with onsite logo visibility
  • Capture every sales opportunity - with non-attendees as well as visitors
Featured exhibitors
ICS International AG, Kennzeichnungssystemewi-sales GmbHDomino Deutschland GmbHStat Control GmbHDeutsche Paletten Logistik GmbHFraunhofer-Institut für Materialfluss und Logistik IMLTRAPOROL GmbHDataIdent GmbHBurgopak Germany Limitedarvato SystemsRosa Heinz GmbHInteger Solutions GmbHHMC Hamburg Mobile Computing e.K.MECALUX GmbHPackpool medien GmbHTOP-LABEL GmbH & Co.KGProjektron GmbHID-LABEL GMBHINFORM GmbHPierau PlanungTOPSYSTEM SYSTEMHAUS GMBHMAROTECHJokey Plastik WipperfürthGeorg Utz GmbHMaschinen Meyer GmbH & Co KGinotec Barcode Security GmbHHottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbHProcosCONCEPT Werbe -und Handeslgesellschaft mbH
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