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DatAction; expert in mobile computing solutions

DatAction is specialized in offering complete solutions in mobile data collection, barcode scanning, barcode printing and mobile computing. DatAction was founded in 1989, since than we are operating from locations in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

We have gained more than twenty years of experience and knowledge, which makes us able to offer the best mobile computing solutions we can. In our branch and among clients we are known for our wide range of ruggedized products. We are active in branches like transport, logistics, healthcare, fire fighting organizations, industrial and governmental institutions.

DatAction only offers products from worldwide leading manufacturers in Auto-ID equipment like LXE; Intermec; HoneyWell; Zebra; Datamax; Datalogic; DRS; Motion; Panasonic and many more.

We care about the wellbeing and financial health of our clients. Therefore you can rely on the fact that we do whatever is possible to offer you the best possible solutions.


WLAN systems

Simplify your working environment by combining the mobility of wireless with the performance of wired networks.

Wireless LAN solutions should integrate seamlessly into an existing network as a wireless overlay or create a free-standing all wireless network. DatAction is able to meet both of these needs by offering the Cisco® Unified Network, a complete line of in-building and building-to-building wireless LAN solutions including access points, wireless LAN client adapters, controllers, bridges, antennas and accessories, all supporting IEEE 802.11 a/b/g technologies.

DatAction provides a professional wireless site survey before a wireless network is installed. The site survey provides detailed information that addresses coverage, interference sources, equipment placement, power considerations and wiring requirements. The site survey documentation serves as a guide for network design and for the installation and verification of the Wireless communication infrastructure.

PDA - Ruggedized Personal Data Assistant

A PDA (Personal Data Assistant) is an ideal tool for streamlining complex work processes. PDA’s are very graphical which make the use of advance applications possible. Our PDA’s have a substantial memory capacity, that why with the help of a PDA you can store more data locally. The PDA’s DatAction offers can be seen as high-end industrial computers.

Vehicle Mount Computers

Vehicle mount computers are a major part of any wireless infrastructure that involves fork lift trucks or warehouse vehicles. Vehicle mount computers mount directly to the vehicle giving the operator a full screen display and the flexibility to connect any kind of scanner to the computer.

The vehicle mount computers DatAction offers can be classefied as high end and fully ruggedized.

Barcode scanners

DatAction supplies a large range of barcode scanners. Each product has its own specific properties, making each one suitable for a certain application. There are for example small, light barcode scanners for shop use, ruggedized scanners for use on fork-lift trucks in warehouses and in industrial applications, and barcode scanners in wireless contact with a computer. Barcode scanners can also be categorised according to the technology the scanner uses to a read bar codes.

Printers, ribbons and labels

DatAction offers a wide range of ruggedized printers. Including bar code label printers, mobile bar code printers, RFID printers and card printers. We deliver the right solution for you industry or application.

We also offer a wide rang of ribbons and labels. Almost everything is possible. From custom made labels with your compagny logo untill basic labels.

Press releases

Product news

  • New and improved Motion Fv5; Dual Input Increases Flexibility and Ease of Use

    New and improved Motion Fv5; Dual Input Increases Flexibility and Ease of Use

    The Motion F5v Tablet PC is now available with a dual-input display to support both capacitive two-finger touch and high-resolution digitizer pen for increased flexibility and ease of use while gathering, accessing or transmitting data at the point of service. Mobile professionals benefit from the speed and convenience of natural gesture navigation as well as the ability to capture signatures and navigate legacy programs with smaller targets that require the accuracy of high-resolution pen input.
    The Motion F5v comes standard with Gorilla® Glass, offering up to four times the strength in breakage resistance(2), perfect for real-world mobile work environments. Add 180-degree viewing angles, Hydis AFFS+ LED backlit display and View Anywhere® technology for reduced reflectance and glare and you get the best tablet PC viewing experience available for outdoor use. Improved battery life over typical displays and an extremely damage-resistant surface make the Motion F5v tough enough to withstand your work environment and powerful enough to get the job done.

  • Intermec's new vehicle mount computers now available at DatAction

    Intermec\'s new vehicle mount computers now available at DatAction

    Intermec, Inc. (NYSE: IN) announced its newest vehicle-mount computers, the CV41 and CV61, designed to integrate with any forklift. These new offerings represent the first vehicle-mount computers certified to offer the proven productivity, accuracy, safety and reduced training time benefits of Vocollect voice-directed work.

    “Intermec’s new vehicle-mount computers are built to withstand our customers’ most challenging environments – delivering fast, reliable and secure connection to warehouse management systems,” said Earl Thompson, Intermec Senior Vice President, Mobile Solutions Business Unit. “Offering an ideal balance of display readability and mounting ease, the CV41 and CV61 strengthen Intermec’s position as a premier leader in warehouse and distribution center automation with one of the industry’s broadest suites of advanced data collection solutions.”

    CV41: Perfectly sized to improve forklift operator performance

    The CV41 vehicle-mount computer improves forklift operator performance by providing a balance of operator usability, application performance, and ease of deployment and maintenance. The 21.4 cm (8.4 in) LED backlit display reduces visual obstruction during forklift operations, simplifies installation compared to full-screen devices, and supports an optional brighter outdoor display. The touch screen and integrated keyboard are field replaceable, and the computer features a hybrid powered docking system that reduces maintenance downtime. Powered by an efficient 1.6 GHz Intel® Atom Z530 processor, the CV41 is the only Vocollect voice-enabled vehicle-mount computer running Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 operating system. The CV41 exclusive device health reporting capability provides insight to allow mobile workers and IT administrators to monitor and prevent issues related to scanning, communications and a wide range of other critical device health functions before they impact operations. The CV41 also comes standard with Intermec’s Client Pack host access software, supporting legacy terminal emulation and secure browser applications. The optional Vocollect Voice capability, complete with client and wireless headset, provides additional productivity, accuracy and training benefits associated with voice-directed work.

    CV61: Smart design makes it easy to migrate from legacy vehicle-mount computers

    In a larger display model, the CV61 is a touch screen vehicle-mount computer and is the successor to the successful CV60. Including many system reliability and performance improvements, the CV61 boosts operator performance and saves time and money for those upgrading from the CV60 – mounting, cabling, keyboards, trays, scanners and printers are all backward compatible. The 30.7 cm (12.1 in) LED backlit touchscreen display is easy to read in dimly-lit or outdoor environments. Sped by a powerful 1.8 GHz Intel® Atom processor, the CV61 offers a choice of Windows 7 Professional or Windows XP operating systems. Its IP66 rating ensures dust-tight operation and pressure-wash water sealing, while its user-swappable solid state disk storage preserves data integrity even in harsh, high vibration environments. Like the CV41, the CV61 features the same optional Vocollect Voice capability and its associated benefits.

    Additionally, both the CV41 and CV61 vehicle-mount computers include a CANBUS interface to support forklift fleet management applications.

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