StocExpo Antwerp 2016 - Antwerp Expo, 15 - 17 March 2016

The world's leading international event for the tank terminal industry

Networking is an essential element to StocExpo 2016 and placed at the heart of the show floor is the Networking Lounge where you can meet with clients or take a break from your business day. Connect with industry peers and develop new business relationships at our official exhibition networking drinks on Tuesday, 15 March.

Be more productive at StocExpo 2016

What makes attending an exhibition so valuable? Yes, it can be about seeing the latest products and services on the market – but above all it is about meeting people, establishing new relationships and nurturing existing ones.

StocExpo now gives you the opportunity to connect in person with people you know via your social network in the click of a button. It’s a great chance to turn those virtual relationships into real ones!


We want you to have as productive a visit as possible. As the show is a vital meeting point for the tank terminal and bulk liquid storage industry, many of your network may already be planning to attend… So why not find out who is and arrange to meet them there?

You may also be looking for an opportunity to meet up with a supplier, customer, or peer from your network… And the show is an excellent place to do so, whilst also meeting other people and gaining inspiration from the industry around you!


Not registered yet but ready to start?

Quickly and simply register using your favourite social network – click on the button for your chosen network, and it’ll make the process quick, easy…and it’s totally secure.

Social registration

Want to know who’s already registered to attend this year?

Easy! Visit the registration page and use the ‘Who’s In’ widget – search by name or company, or use the scroll bar, and hover over the image to see who’s coming.

See who's attending

Already registered, but would like to make sure your connections are attending?

No problem! Visit the registration page and simply click one  of the social network icons in the widget, authenticate, and click on the invites tab. We will then show you all of your connections from your network and you can send person invites (see below). (NB. We recommend inviting contacts in batches of less than 10).


Want to invite friends and colleagues to come too?

Simple! You can send invites with a single click when you have completed your registration; we suggest 6 of your contacts who are most likely to be interested, but you can deselect and select whoever you would like to invite, or search for specific contacts in the search box. (NB. We recommend inviting contacts in batches of less than 10).

Want to let your network that you’re coming to the show?

Sure! Visit the registration page and click on the 'Share' tab in ‘Who’s In’, use the sliders for the preferred social network and hit POST (you can amend the post before if you wish).


If you have any questions, or need any assistance, please contact a member of the team:



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