Sponsorship packages

As an exhibitor at the show PRINT 2011, you can emphasize your participation by making use of one or more of our sponsorship packages.

To guarantee you optimal visibility, we limit the number of sponsor packages per show.

Lanyard Sponsoring
At the entrance registration desk, each visitor receives a personal badge, which can be attached to a lanyard, provided by your company. The lanyard needs to be approved by the organisation before the show.

An ideal way to gain extra visibility during and after the show: your company name or logo around each visitor's neck!
Max. 1 sponsor per show - € 3000

Entrance Sponsoring
easyFairs offers you the possibility to display your material at the entrance of the show hall. The max. dimension of the material is restricted to 3m³. The visitor immediately gets introduced to your company, right at the front door!
Max. 3 sponsors per show - € 2000

Audio-visual Sponsoring
You can also opt for the opportunity to deliver us a promotional video of your company. This video will be projected onsite on two screens. One screen will be placed at the entrance, the other at the Catering Point.

The max. length of the promo-video is restricted to 30 seconds and it will be projected in a continuous loop. Technical specifications need to be checked by easyFairs.
Max. 5 sponsors per show - € 2000

Flyer Sponsoring
You can choose to let one of the hostesses distribute your promotional material to our visitors in the aisles during the show. This way, information about your company or product reaches every visitor.
Max. 3 sponsors per show - € 1500

Be quick to choose your package: it's first-come, first-served!
You can find a flyer (in Dutch) with an overview of all the packages on the 'downloads' page.

Gwendy Van Cauter
Sales Executive
Tel +32 (0)3 280 53 10

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