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Color Confidence

Color Confidence

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B32 3DE Birmingham, West Midlands"
United Kingdom

Sales, support and solution provider for creative graphics studios, imaging and the pressroom.
Distribution of:
Pantone (colour guides and instruments).
X-Rite (colour management solutions).
NEC (professional graphics displays).
Just Normlicht (viewing booths - proofing and product quality assurance).
EFI / Epson proofing solutions


  • Just Normlicht Viewing Booths

    A comprehensive range of ISO compliant vieiwng booths and light boxes by Just Normlicht:

    - Desktop Booths for soft-proofing.
    - Desktop Booths with multi-light source for product and packaing colour assesment and quality assurance.
    - Luminaries for wall and meetign room table illumination.
    - Large Format and Pressroom viewing booths.
    - Light boxes.

  • NEC SpectraView graphics display monitors

    NEC monitors - the perfect partner for your creativity

    NEC takes a non-compromising approach to LCD monitor technology. The state-of-the-art screen properties of the SpectraView and MultiSync ranges create a level of colour accuracy which is perfect for colour critical work such as image processing, digital photography, pre-press or high-performance graphic design and video animation applications. NEC offer both entry and professional level LCD monitors. For the ultimate in colour accuracy, the NEC SpectraView Reference models offer unprecidented quality and colour accuracy.

  • Pantone Capsure

    PANTONE CAPSURE – Confidently and accurately match colour to almost any surface for a new world of inspiration!
    PANTONE CAPSURE allows you to take inspiration from and capture colour from almost any surface including small, patterned textures and textiles then matches it quickly and accurately to an official PANTONE colour which can be easily integrated into leading design software packages.

    PANTONE CAPSURE includes more than 10,000 stored Pantone colour references from the range of Pantone Libraries.

    CLICK on any colour sample and find the closest Pantone colour match from your required Pantone Library.

  • PANTONE PLUS Series Reference Library (with New Colour Supplements)

    Latest Pantone Plus editions - Celebrating 50 years of brilliant colour 2013

    Formula Guide - 1677 spot colours with mixing recipes, on coated and uncoated
    Colour Bridge - 1677 spot colours and closest CMYK match with RGB, HTML and CMYK values, on coated and uncoated
    CMYK Guide - 2868 process CMYK swatches with CMYK values, on coated and uncoated
    Metallic Formula Guides - 301 metallic colours with mixing recipes, on coated
    Premium Metallic Formula Guides - 300 premium metallic colours with mixing recipes, on coated
    Pastels & Neons Guide - 201 Pastel and Neon colours with mixing recipes, on coated and uncoated
    Chip Books and replacement Chip Book pages for Formula, Metallics, Premium Metallics and Pastels & Neons guides.

  • EFI Fiery XF high performance inkjet-RIPs

    EFI Fiery XF the High Performance Inkjet-RIP for large and super wide production proofing.
    Print with unmatched color precision and flexibility.

    EFI Fiery XF boosts your color quality and productivity for large to superwide format printers to a new level. The fast, high-performance RIP works with most major solvent, eco-solvent and UV printers. It maximizes your investment by reducing production times, unifying your production devices and delivering accurate color on every job.

    Accurate results due to superior Color management-Technology.
    Powerful production tools for higher efficiency, unmatched flexibility and speed.
    Supports industry standards like the upcoming ISO 15311 and the Fogra ProcessStandard Digital.
    Spot colour management
    Multithread-Halftoning ensures the maximum RIP-Power with every single job.
    Tight integration with MIS/Web2Print solutions and the Fiery XF proServer.

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