The Innovation Showcase is NEW for 2016 and highlights the latest innovations in the packaging industry.

We asked exhibitors to send in their entries and we have whittled it down to our final shortlist! Make sure to visit the companies on their stands to see the innovations for yourself!

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Seufert stone film packaging PINEC inovations showcase

A folding box made from stone film

Stone film is manufactured from 100 per cent waste and recycling material. It contains up to 60 – 80 % rock powder (calcium carbonate), which occurs as residual product in the building industry and in quarries. The remaining 20-40% are recycling polyethylene, which bonds the calcium carbonate. Seufert manufactures folding boxes from stone film. The white material is as stable as the usual PET film and may be decorated with offset and silk screen printing. Stone film can be cut, glued and welded. Stone film is a new sustainable alternative for white or fully printed plastic folding boxes.

Visit Seufert Transparente Verpackungen GmbH on stand D51

Packaging innovations 2016 innovations hsowcase ragbags


Ragbags are a revolutionary reusable shopping bag, uniquely designed to be repurposed as a rag.  Ragbags are made from bio-based cellulose/Cotton spunlaced non-woven fabric.  These materials are both super absorbent and BPI certified compostable.  The cotton is recycled from T-Shirt trimmings, and gives the bag a very nice feel. 

One Ragbag can absorb 8.4 times as much liquid as a standard paper towel.  If reused just 6 times to clean up spills, wipe counters, etc., one Ragbag can eliminate the need for an entire roll of paper towels.  Best of all, unlike many reusable bags made from plastics, Ragbags are plant based and degradable. Metropak has spent over 3 years developing Ragbags and its proprietary patented manufacturing process.  The Standard Ragbag is 12 x 7x  21, equivalent to a standard sized plastic grocery bag.

Visit Ragbags on stand E31

packaging innovations 2016 airshock 2016

Auto Airshock Machine

Kites new incredibly fast Auto Airshock machine runs up to 480 cushions per hour and is unique to Kite Packaging. Never before seen in the UK, this innovative machine significantly reduces labour and increases the amount of Airshock packs inflated. It’s designed to run a range of different sized Air Shock bags and flat sheets all of which come pre-configured and perforated on a roll, making it simple and easy to use. Airshock is coextruded polyethylene, this process of extruding two or more materials together ensures maximum strength - what’s more, after use it can be deflated and recycled.  
The Auto Airshock machine is ideal for consumers needing a large quantity of airshock. As supplier to many large customers of airshock Kite recognised the need for an automated machine. Previously it was a very labour intensive and time consuming activity, now customers can reap the benefits with this innovative, efficient, cost effective solution. Early trials show a return on investment in a matter of a few months.

Visit Kite Packaging LTD on stand H12

Packaging innovations 2016 innovations showcase

EM Pharma Custom Contact Lens Bottle

A new bottle design to assist those who wear contact lenses, incorporating a removable contact lens cleaning and storage case. The 200ml bottle is produced in injection stretch blow moulded PET with an injection-moulded nozzle and cap. The removable lens case is produced in injection moulded polypropylene.  The bottle, closure and lens case were designed, manufactured and assembled by M&H Plastics for EM Pharma Ltd.

Visit RPC Containers on stand D40

packaging innovations 2016 innovations showcase


The IRREMOVABLE CAP CLOSURE comprises of an aperture incorporating a one-way valve molded as a single component.

The APERTURE IREMOVABLE CAP CLOSURE allows a tube to be inserted through its aperture to extract the liquid contents by way of vacuum from within a container. It can be readily and securely be adapted for the acceptance of a tube from general dispensing or dosing devices.


packaging innovations showcasw 2016

Coca-Cola Bow

Bow is a completely unique concept and truly innovative packaging solution. The metalised laminate is surface printed gravure by Pulse Flexible Packaging, laminated and perforated by chosen partner Eshuis, before being returned to Pulse Flexible to be finished. The clever format works by pulling away part of the label in the middle to reveal a small lever; this opens up into three parts, forming four loops that are pulled tightly to the side of the bottle to form the show stopping bow.

Visit Pulse flexible packaging on stand D35

packaging innovations showcasw 2016


MIKROPERFLEX is A very high definition camera based system 45cm x 35cm x 20cm with software that runs on Microsoft 7/8/10

Visit TSS Technology on stand K36

Packaging innovations 2016 innovations hsowcase


Launched in Q4 2015 by films distributor, Plasfilms, SenzoZIP is a re-closable zipper that provides both sound and sensation when closing. An addition to the SANZIP range of products, manufactured by C.I Kasei (CIK), the leading Japanese manufacturer of reclosable zipper products, the innovation combines both audible characteristics and tactile sensation together with an excellent inner holding force and easy close features. Available as a double or triple type zipper and manufactured in LDPE, SenzoZIP has the
potential to become the zipper of choice in re-closable bags and pouches.

Visit PlasFilms on stand C46

packaging innovations showcasw 2016

In-flight tray & Qube

The first is an airline in-flight tray, designed to give a premium ‘gift’ feel to the usual ordinary in- flight meal or plastic snack trays. The tray is fully recyclable and printed using low migration inks to ensure food compatibility. Distinctive airline branding opportunities give the ability to use high end finishes.

Visit Qualvis on stand L48

packaging innovations showcasw 2016


Panna-Pack is a solid board barrier to prevent grease ingress into board and to prevent discolouration and saturation. We have used it to manufacture packaging such as cartons and ‘U’ cards that are in direct contact with bakery food products. We are using it in a Litho printed packaging environment. We are currently offering 2 versions : ‘Rustic’ which is uncoated on the print side and ‘Glazed’ which is coated on the print side.

Visit Castle Colour on stand E25