We all appreciate the vital role packaging can play and we’re delighted that the industry has made great progress in taking an increasingly environmentally-friendly and sustainable approach to how products are presented.  

We also realise that choosing the right packaging can be an almost overwhelming task at times. 

That’s why WRAP is running nine Learnshops this year.  Our aim is to inform, advise and guide decision-makers about the options available to achieve integrated supply chain solutions that deliver environmental and commercial benefits.


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Andy Dawe, head of retail programmes at WRAP said:

We have been involved with EasyFairs Packaging Innovation events for several years now because it has consistently been a showcase for sharing best practice packaging ideas and innovation." 

“It brings together some of the key players in the industry and gives everyone an opportunity to consider how – as a sector – we can continue to deliver new solutions that deliver environmental and commercial benefits.”  

To find out  more about WRAP : www.wrap.org.uk/business/retail_supply_chain.html

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