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Higher production efficiency by intelligent CMMS-Systems

Know-how is the key to success

The German Federal Government and the European Community have highlighted the issues Industry 4.0 and Digital Agenda 2020 - a wake-up call for European business leaders. According to current studies, disruptive technologies are enabling the digitization of the manufacturing sector. In Industry 4.0, smart factories have to continually run optimally. Maintenance is essential for high availability and avoiding unplanned downtimes.

Today, machine downtimes still lead to economic losses and image damage and sometimes harm workers and the environment.

Smart factories need smart maintenance!

Our vision is to revolutionize the Computerized Maintenance Management Systems market, utilizing predictive analysis of data mining patterns for intelligent, predictive maintenance.

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We put people in the center of the “man-machine-system” - through the digitization and automation of knowledge work, smart data centralized in a cloud, refined algorithms for advanced analytics, user-friendliness, next-level GUIs and hands-free-working with augmented reality-technologies.

IAS MEXIS GmbH stands for 35 years of fundamental research in the area of component behavior, maintenance and weak point analysis. Our algorithm based CMMS-System DIVA™ DYNAMICS enables all participating companies to know exactly where, when and what they have to do to maximize availability and avoid downtime. Maintenance intervals will be condition-optimized based on factory and feedback data. With the system intelligence of this lifelong learning system, spare part stock can be reduced to a minimum.



    DIVA™ DYNAMICS - higher production efficiency by intelligent CMMS-Systems

    Our algorithm based CMMS-System DIVA™ DYNAMICS enables our cutomers to pre-define maintenance strategies for the entire plant. Insensitive production areas can be maintained reactively due to limited resources and funds. Sensitive areas will be maintained by a predictive maintenance strategy with highest possible system availability in order to avoid unplanned downtimes.

    Lifetime learning schemes determine dynamic maintenance cycles for each maintenance point depending on the set maintenance strategy, operating hours, environmental parameters and component characteristica. Our satisfied customers confirm an increase in plant availability with simultaneous reduction of repair-costs and unplanned downtimes and an exemplary usability and funcionality.

    A smart factory of the future needs smart maintenance!

    IAS MEXIS GmbH stands for 35 years of fundamental research in the area of component behavior, maintenance and weak point analysis.

    We are looking forward to your visit!

    DIVA® DYNAMICS Produktvideo

Product news

  • New functions in DIVA™ DYNAMICS

    Module Contractor Management

    The use of external staff is well-established in many businesses. Stay flexible in day-to-day business. The necessary access of contractors to software solutions might complicate operations: how to assign administrative roles and rights also might employ the legal departments.

    The new DIVA™ DYNAMICS Module Contractor Management is solving these questions in a simple and efficient way. Monitoring and control in accordance to the four-eyes-principle: we offer a field-proven tool for a legally watertight integration of contractors in your production processes.

    Module Testing Classes

    An upcoming audit and your company is struggling in providing all the necessary documents? This scenario can be avoided by using the DIVA™ DYNAMICS Module Testing Classes. The freely configurable module grants an audit-secure documentation of all internal and external issues: test values, protocols, logs and histories are retrievable at the push of a button. Audits, State Exams and legal revisions can be prepared and passed fast and without any effort. Feel free to contact us!

    Mail Control Center

    Easy, paperless and at the right time in the right place: All functions of DIVA™ DYNAMICS can be administrated by e-mail using the new Mail Control Center. Check lists, work orders, reports and analyses are automatically sent to the desired person.

    Mail Control Center used efficiently: Use Cases

    Mail Control Center enables to a custom-fit synchronization of all operating processes. Possible examples are:

    - Automatically assign daily tasks to the maintenance teams by e-mail. Time and team can be set freely and flexibly.
    - Reports of the last week mailed to the Maintenance Management every Monday morning.
    - Reports for the Controlling: open, closed, due and over-due checks and work orders – in desired and free selectable observation periods.

    This is just an excerpt – we will gladly show you in detail how to increase your OEE using DIVA™ DYNAMICS.

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