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ERIKS & SKF Condition Monitoring

ERIKS & SKF Condition Monitoring

National CMP Certified Maintenance Partner ERIKS and Bearing Manufacturer come Condition Monitoring expert SKF are exhibiting together in order to deliver advice on selecting, deploying and training for a wide range of cutting-edge condition monitoring equipment and services, designed to reduce downtime and improve production efficiency plant wide.

RX Bellows

RX Bellows

The latest RX Bellows, available from ERIKS, provide a secure and simple way to overcome the problems of vibration and thermal expansion and contraction between interconnected components.


OKS Airspray System

The OKS Airspray System, available from ERIKS UK, is the practical, inexpensive and furthermore ecological spray system solution for applying chemotechnical products for maintenance and servicing. Wherever compressed-air devices are available, such as in automobile and other workshops, but also in industry and in machine or engine maintenance, the OKS Airspray System helps to avoid waste and reduce costs.

How it works!
The pressure spray system consists of the Airspray can and a unit for filling the can with the product and compressed air. The air serves as a harmless propellant gas. OKS products such as oils, cleaning and parting agents can be processed by using corresponding valves and spray heads.

Avoiding waste - reducing costs
The OKS Airspray System prevents waste and reduces costs. Disposal costs, which arise when spray cans are used, are reduced. A small investment in environmental protection that pays off rapidly.

Robust and safe
The indestructible Airspray can was designed specially for harsh everyday use in workshop and plant. The system is tested continuously by the TÜV in accordance with DIN 32 615. A product label is included with each spray set so that the can contents can be identified clearly.

Proven and inexpensive
Whether in the workshop or in industrial maintenance. For more than 10 years the Airspray System has proven itself as the trouble-free and inexpensive alternative to the spray can.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis Surveys can be used as part of a Predictive Maintenance Programme to identify

Thermographic Surveys

Thermographic surveys can be used as part of a predictive maintenance programme enabling problems to be identified and repaired before they either; breakdown, causing business interruptions or a loss of production, or become serious enough to represent a safety risk, such as overheating electrical equipment, which could result in a fire.

During this era of climate change and increasing energy bills, reducing energy consumption makes perfect sense; less energy used means less money spent, corporate image can be enhanced by lowering emissions and carbon footprints and in the end this helps everyone in the fight against climate change.

Predictive Maintenance

Reducing reactive maintenance not only decreases the downtime of your plant but can also increase quality. In fact, effective predictive maintenance can help you increase the productivity of your production line by as much as 10-15%.

ERIKS' predictive maintenance services and systems are unparalleled within the industry. Not only can we determine when an asset is likely to fail - by assessing temperature,
vibration, ultrasonics and electrical supply - but we can also suggest process improvements to delay or prevent a failure occurring, and cut costs by identifying wastage and inefficiencies.

With testing equipment unique to us, and the ability to test whilst your plant is in operation, we can conduct an assessment of the condition of your plant and equipment that has no impact on your production, but provides a clearer and more accurate picture of your situation.

We can then suggest the most effective way of maintaining your plant's productivity - with a comprehensive plant management programme proposal - provide maintenance management systems, and even supply extra resource for larger projects.

Storeroom Services

Storeroom Services

Transform your engineering store into an effective productivity asset

Stand B9 will host the ERIKS Storeroom Services team demonstrating how they can help convert your existing engineering store into a Best In Class facility, no matter what size. From a small satellite store to a major facility. Covering stores layout, storage systems, stock management and support selecting items to stock, this expert team are on hand during the show to answer your questions.

Get the ability to control the future

Get the ability to control the future

The future of electric motors is in the hands of the people defining the forthcoming IE 4 specification. It ’s widely believed that IE 4 will require the use of Permanent Magnet Motors – highly efficient, but notoriously challenging to control. So now’s the time to look for ways to overcome the problems they might bring.

Fenner has been field-testing its new QD:NEO Inverter over the last year and, having come through with flying colours, the product is now available for purchase. Named after the rare earth element Neodymium – used in almost all modern Permanent Magnet Motors – the Fenner QD:NEO is not only IE4-ready, but also an effective controller for the current generation of induction motors.

Fenner QD Inverters are well-known for their simplicity, ruggedness and reliability, and the QD:NEO is no exception. However, Fenner’s designers have managed to maintain its robustness whilst at the same time adding features and functions to make it an even more useful piece of equipment. For example, this new model neatly avoids problems which have plagued other PMM controllers, which can take hours or even days to set-up satisfactorily. The QD:NEO can be set-up and running in a matter of minutes, not least because the simple process is familiar to Fenner users.

Just because it’s simple to set-up doesn’t mean the QD:NEO is a basic model. In fact it has no fewer than seven additional control terminals (providing 2 user relays, 2 analogue outputs, 2 analogue inputs and 3 digital inputs) and there’s an Option Card Slot offering the capability for extended I/O and communications.

To make life easier for operators, the IP 55 version of the inverter features a new OLED (Organic LED) keypad – which is exceptionally easy to see and use even in the dark – and a full text and graphics display. Life’s also easier
for engineers and installers, as the dust-tight and splashproof IP 55 enclosure can be directly wall-mounted with no need for a cabinet – saving time and money. Installation is also made easier by the enclosure’s generous size, which makes it less of a struggle to connect cables.

Existing users of Fenner QD Inverters will be familiar with their simple Master-Slave control, which is also available with the new QD:NEO, enabling up to 32 drives to be quickly and easily synchronised. The new model also features built-in Safe Torque Off to meet Health and Safety requirements, and built-in RFI filters.

The existing QD:CT+ range is noted for its huge starting torque capability, of 200% of rated torque from 0Hz. The QD:NEO offers an improvement even on this impressive figure, being capable of generating 400% starting torque when combined with an appropriate motor. The QD:NEO comes in a full range of sizes, from 0.75-160kW. 0.75-11kW models are supplied in an IP 20 enclosure, 11kW-160kW models in an IP 55 enclosure (no cabinet required), and 0.75-2.2kW models can be supplied in an IP 66 enclosure.
More torque, more features, more functions and more control. What more could you want from an inverter, now or in the future?

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  • Hose Clamping Made Safe

    Hose Clamping Made Safe

    The latest ERIKS Technical and Safety Bulletin contains essential guidelines on the most effective methods of hose clamping, ranging from basic jubilee and worm drive clips and bolt clamps, to LMC clamps and crimped and swaged fittings.


  • Going beyond the repairable asset

    The value and economics of plant reliability on a macro basis is something that is being missed by production / maintenance seniors, site principals and financial personnel.

    In a series of informative articles Europe’s leading MRO service and supply specialist ERIKS looks at where the gaps are and how addressing them can transform a company’s bottom line

  • SKF\'s First Certified Maintenance Partner with UK National Coverage

    ERIKS has been appointed by SKF as the company's first Certified Maintenance Partner with full UK national coverage, following three year's work as a local CMP. The 'National' status recognises ERIKS' significant UK footprint in terms of technical support. ERIKS employs 32 Certified Vibration Analysts in the field, working from over 70 branch locations and 23 workshop locations nationwide. This demonstrates the breadth and depth of coverage around the country, putting the service within easy reach of the largest possible number of customers.

    The SKF Certified Maintenance Partner (CMP) program was developed to provide a tailored condition monitoring service for bearings on critical machinery, recognising that the ability to effectively monitor bearing condition also provides an excellent indicator of the wider machine condition. Analysis of bearing vibration can highlight and help to pinpoint any number of problems on a machine that can impact on performance and reliability. It can also flag up potential points of failure, allowing planned downtime and maintenance rather than costly reactive measures.

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