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ChemCare - The unique one-stop-shop by THOMMEN-FURLER AG for the supply of chemicals, environmental technologies, customer support and sustainable hazardous waste management. In addition to the braod range of basic chemicals THOMMEN-FURLER offers you direct access to a wide range of ultrapure solvents, reagents as well as certified reference materials for laboratories, research, development and production.


HPLC Solvents

The brand Honeywell Burdick & Jackson stands for ultrapure solvents, specially developed for the high purity requirements in today's high-sensitivity HPLC-applications. To find the right solvent system for your application, we offer a large range of products with different HPLC-purity grades: B&J solvent-grade, gradient-grade, super gradient-grade and LC/MS-grade.


Solvents and liquid reagents for molecular biology.

ROMIL Hy Dry KF Karl Fischer reagents & calibrants

Pyridine-free reagents for water determination.

ROMIL-TvR TM traceable volumetric reagents

Traceability in titrimetry

ROMIL PrimAg certified reference materials

Traceable to SI Units via ultrapure primary reference silver

Carlo Erba Taylor Made Mixtures

Acid Mixtures
Eluant-, Analytical-, Additive-Modified-, Buffered- or Acidified Phases
Preparative Eluant Phases
Reagents for Biotechnology
Titrated Solutions
Reagents for On-Line Analysers like TCO Metres or Silicemetres

Carlo Erba Solvents and Chemicals for Special Analyses

For preparation of samples which may contain residual chlorine or nitrogen (NDP) (Recommended for extraction of pesticides). Ready-to-use reagents with specifications according to international normatives for agroalimentary trace analysis. Reagent kits for water analysis, analysis of trace metals (ppb-, ppt-level).

Carlo Erba's Proven Supply Chain for Solvents from Lab- to Production Scale

All our solvents for HPLC and eluant phases can be delivered in adapted packagings: glass bottles of 1 L or 2,5 L, or in stainless steel shuttle drums from 5, 25, 50 200 litres with sampling systems adapted to our customer's needs.

Electronic Grade Solvents and Reagents

For use in microelectronics with controlled metal content in the order of ppm, ppb and ppt.

Acids and salts for general use

For about 150 years - since the start of the company by the chemist Eugen de Haën - Honeywell is specialized for the purification of salts and acids.
Since then Honeywell has improved its products and technologies continuously. Today, a large product-range of salts, acids and other chemicals belongs to the continuously growing product-portfolio for a wide variety of applications.

Solvents for DNA-Synthesis

Honeywell Burdick & Jackson developed a line of DNA and RNA solvents and reagents using its in-house state-of-the art research and development capabilities. These products are specially processed and purified to exacting specifications, ensuring outstanding synthesis officiency making them ideal for oligonucleotide synthesis.

Pure and p.a. Solvents

Pure and for analysis solvents are suited perfectly for applications, such as organic syntheses, high sensitive purifications and extractions. Most of the solvents in this product line outmatch the standards for common use of the Reag. Ph. Eur. standard, such as other standards.
As a result of low residue content and the unmatched lot-to-lot consistency, the pure and for analysis solvents fulfill the requirements for the syntheses of organic specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical products.

GC and GC Plus Solvents

Latest developments in residue analysis using gas chromatography (GC), the sensitivity of environmental- and food analysis has risen. Beside the improvement of instruments and columns, the quality of solvents in GC- und GC/MS-applications became a crucial factor reach reliable results.

Solvents for Spectroscopy

Solvents for spectroscopy were developed for fluorescence-, infrared (IR)-, ultraviolet (UV)- and visible (VIS) spectroscopy. In addition, these products are frequently used for high-sensitivity HPLC-applications.

Anhydrous Solvents (solvents for micro HPLC (uplc)

The B&J anhydrous solvents are specifically manufactured for moisture-senstitive applications including organic synthesis and organometallic, oligonucleotide and combinatiorial chemistry. Their water content ranges from less than 10 ppm to less than 50 ppm, with low residue, eliminating the need for extra purification and drying steps in your labs.

B&J Brand LC-MS Grade Solvents

The product line from the B&J LC/MS-solvents was developed for applications where solvents neet to have a minimum of impurity. Especially for appropriation in liquid chromatography- and mass spectrometry-applications (LC/MS).
Fully realizing the analytical potential of LC-MS instruments requires the use of highly purified and consistent solvents and mobile phase blends. Even trace ppb levels of impurities such as metals, chemical impurities and particulates can compromise the quality of your analysis. B&J brand LC-MS grade solvents are processed using our industry leading purification capabilities to remove these impurities, before undergoing extensive quality control to ensure that they meet our specifications. By producing a highly purified and consistent line of LC-MS grade solvents, we minimize variability, so that you can trust your analysis.

ROMIL-SpS TM Super Purity Solvents

High purity solvents for instrumental analysis.

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