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Schaefer-Tec AG

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Schaefer-Tec distributes measuring instruments for the Nanotechnology and Surface Characterization.

For example:
Phenom-World: Tabletop Electron Microscope
Ambivalue: Particle measurement from 0.1 to 3'000 Micrometer
KERN Waagen


Phenom-World: Phenom G2 Electron Microscope

Phenom-World: Phenom G2 Electron Microscope

Tabletop Electron Microscope


Ambivalue: EyeTech particle analyzer

Ambivalue: EyeTech particle analyzer

Particle size and shape analyzer
0.1 micrometer - 3 millimeter

Two technologies in one instrumente
1) Laser obscuration
2) Dynamic Image Analysis

Measures liquids, emulsions, opaque liquids, pastes, dry powders, fibers, magnetic particles, heated liquids, aerosols


KERN balances and weights

KERN balances

Phenom-World: Phenom proX electron microscope with EDS

Phenom proX with EDS elemental analysis

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